ENTRY # 02: Munchies of the Day - Sandwich and french fries!

2 years ago

Hello friends of Smoke.io

This is my second entry to this fun contest created by @nona, enjoying good food and interaction with the users that make life in the SMOKE blockchain.

Today I share with you a treat prepared by my wife, this was an invention while we smoked made mention that in my trip in cannabis I was very hungry and if it was tasteful to prepare an excellent meal between the two, I made the fries, She prepared the sandwich.

The ingredients that accompany this delicious dish gave it a unique flavor as they are part of a delicious combination of fats and fibers haha, the bread is stuffed with ham, white cheese, lettuce and small pieces of tomatoes linked to a tasty tomato sauce and common mayonnaise.

Sandwich and french fries


We did this in even numbers so as not to fall into conflicts as it was a very delicious meal and even more so when you are under the effects of mariejeam, it is a pleasure to try meals traveling with cannabis, our sense of taste is more concentrated in the flavors and smells of food that may exist around us.

If you want to participate in this great contest you can go through the following publication and read a little about the rules of it. Here


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Ok... this is PERFECT!!! Anything potato and I am weak in the knees... curly fries... waffle fries... crunchy chips... and that SANDWICH!!
Your wife is awesome!!!


Haha the fries are a delight and even more if you add a little ketchup

My wife is the best :) I love her so much

This makes me crave for fries! Can I have some? Lol


Take the ones you want @palpitar, good appetite hehe