The Sweatpants 95 is nearly gone

4 months ago

I have used a little bit of this everyday since I bought it 19 days ago

One of the reasons I love concentrates is a little goes a long way. I brought a gram of the Sweatpants 95 and still have some left. In fact this little bit will last another few days at least. And at $65 a gram after tax this really was the best buy of the day when I went to the dispensary.


The best buy of the day

An ounce of the lowest grade cannabis they had was Blue Dream and Gorilla glue and it cost $330 an ounce. The most expensive dealers around here only charge $240. But dabs on the other hand can be expensive even in the black market. A good quality dab will run $60 a gram so at $65 a gram it was the best buy. Plus I still have some of this but the flower is long gone.

But I also have some blackmarket dabs

A while back a friend did some work for a guy who presses his own and he was short with cash and gave him 20 grams of dabs for his work. I was called because this friend knows I love dabs for my muscles spams. He sold me half of it for a great price of $15 a gram but normally you don't get it that cheap unless you are buying it an ounce or more at a time.


I am a little sad the stuff from the dispensary is nearly gone

I doubt I will buy flower from a dispensary again. But I will by concentrates as they are not as nearly over priced as the flower is. And next time I am gonna go further into the state where there are more dispensaries in the area so hopefully the prices are better.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff pass that shit.



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How lucky my friend, last year I tried to make wax but I did it with the parchment paper and it did not come out, it stayed stuck on the paper ...
But don't worry, this is the year we try again haha ​​Good fumes bro !!!

They were look very nice and please keep on posting showing that good stuff you have.