Picked up a couple of new carts

11 months ago

My cart guy got more carts in

I can't get more till Friday but my cart guy also has Grape Ape. But I have tried the other strains he has except the Lemonade and the Girl Scout Cookies. So I decided to go with those two as I know I love Girl Scout Cookies in the flower and I love lemon flavored everything. Included strains that have that lemon flavor like Lemon Skunk. So I bought what I could afford to buy today. A cart of lemonade and a cart of the Girl Scout Cookies. These are made from Heavy Hitters for those inquiring minds.


Trying the lemonade first

As I love lemon and I am very happy to say it does taste like lemonade when you take a toke. But sad to say when you exhale not so much. But the buzz is awesome.


How to spot legit carts

Each batch has to be tested so legitimate carts have the label printed on a sticker and not printed on the box. Doesn't mean the cart you are getting isn't THC but make sure if you are in a black market that you are aware of counterfeit carts. Also legitimate carts normally have holographic seals.
These are two ways to know that your carts are legit and not counterfeit. Sadly there are people putting bad crap in carts like liquid incense and passing them off as THC carts they are not and they may get you high but at what cost. So know your source or make your own.



I am now going to kick back and get baked

I am digging this lemonade cart. So I am going to kick back and watch a movie with my husband while hitting on this cart till I pass out. I have mainly good days since seeing my mew doctor but I still have some bad days here and there and today is a bad day. I don't feel all that well today. With muscle weakness in places.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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I love everything lemonade too. This sounds awesome. Is it true that there is no smell at all from them? I wish I could get thc varieties too. I would so totally smoke only that. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better since the new doctor and I hope it only gets better from here on.

awesome girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man you are lucky my friend! id kill to have one. preferably 1:1 ratio lololololol


What is messed up is I get these cheaper than I would if I was in a legal market. I have looked these up and many dispensaries sell these starting a $50 and going up to $65 and I get these for $40. This brand is the best I have scored around here as most carts around here are counterfeit. And I am a bitch about counterfeit carts. Doesn't mean I won't buy them but I need to know the source or I am better off making it myself.