Lets talk about atomizers for ejuice

6 months ago

So those who follow me

Know I turned some dabs into ejuice using wax liquidizer. I went and found these atomizer tanks which are okay but it is hard to tell how much of a hit you are getting off of it as you don't feel the pull so it is easy to take big of a hit. I wanted to do another batch up but needed some more atomizer tanks today because I knew I didn't have enough for another batch. When I went back today they had a different type of atomizers. Which I like as you can feel the draw.

the tank with the black lid is the one that you don't feel the draw

I am sure it has to do with the way the tops are made

One has this rubber stopper thingy in it to keep oil from falling out I think that is why you have a slow draw you don't feel. The other has a rod in the middle and a gasket on the mouth piece to keep the oil in the tank.


They also have the smaller tanks

The above photos are of the 1 ml or 1 gram tanks but they also sell them in the .5 ml or 1/2 gram tanks. I think I prefer the tanks with the rods in the center where I feel how much of a pull I am actually getting.


For those who ejuice their dabs

What kind of atomizer do you prefer? Let me know below in the comments. Have you ever made you own ejuice? What brand of liquidizer do you use?


These will be the ones I sell

I am gonna sell a few of these tanks and have decided I am selling the ones with the slow draw as I don't care for those tanks as much. I will try to get the rod ones in the future and avoid the cheaper ones all together.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 some where so puff puff pass



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Cool info, I am learning a lot from your posts about all the gadgets available these days. Very interesting thanks for sharing, bong on. :-)

I'm using a bottom feed, single coil tank with 4 intakes. I prefer the bottom feed tanks over the top feeding wicks.


I can put distillate or oil in here straight, without using any thinning agents, however for wax or shatter, I would need some of the mix.


I have a Vape Ape for wax or shatter which has a double coil for heating it. But I wanted some of the ejuice for on the go discreet dosing in the black market here the prefilled ones are sometime counterfeit and they are expensive af. I make my own for a fraction of the cost.


I do the same, found the shatter batter ingredients and got them in bulk. Doing it that way allows me to get 1L of it for the same price as 30ml premixed solution. The only real cost after that is getting some quality bud to press rosin.

I find with the prefilled ones I have to puff the whole thing to get a buzz, where as with my own mix I get quite lifted with a single puff or two.


I been wondering if the tanks for the Nicotine E-juice will work for the THC E-juice Because I love my tanks for the nicotine, you feel the draw and though the news ones I found is better with the draw it still isn't like the ones I use for the nicotine e-juice


If you get the mix right you can use them yeah, as long as it's thinned down enough. The only thing is, it will build up in the cotton faster than nicotine juice will, and you will have to replace the coil about twice as often.

Edit: I even use my sub ohm tanks too, the ones that give the giant clouds.


Nice see I am okay with having to replace the coils because in reality that is cheaper than buying one to three use tanks.

Love these, but I like buying them filled


So much counterfeit filled around here it is safer to make it yourself not to mention cheaper. Filled these run $40-$60 depending on the seller for the 1 gram ones. I made this for a lot less per 1 gram tanks.

Most of the ones I've used are like the gold tip one you have there. I just got a new kind that rock! I'll get a pic to post soon, maybe you can find a similar tank.


I would love to see it, as I want to find the best atomizers to use, as much as I love dabs, I am digging turning dabs into ejuice. Makes it last a lot longer. Plus it is easy to take it on the go with you, unlike a doobie you can't really smoke in public. (well you can but if you get caught here you will go to jail)