How to use a Honey Straw

6 months ago

I have been asked how to you use the Honey Straw

I can't do a video being in an illegal state so I took a few photos to show you how it works. I first use the dabber tool to take a small amount and put it on a fire proof surface in this case the lid of the silicone container I store my dab in.


So then you heat the tip of the honey straw

You can use a high flame adjustable lighter for this aka a crack lighter. LOL instead of a torch which is nice. Yes I tried as we have a draw full for those lighter as they use to give us two lighter free with ever carton of cigarettes we bought when we were tobacco users. I stopped smoking 3 years ago but still have a ton of those lighters as I prefer a BIC. BIC lighters don't have a big enough flame imo to heat it to the proper temp.


About 20 seconds later...


Then you let it cool for a few seconds

I count to 10 then you stick the tip into the dab and inhale. As you can see it fills up nicely with smoke.



There is less waste

Okay you always can reclaim through a rig but that reclaim is nearly like smoking resin out of a bowl yeah it works in desperate times but sucks and tastes gross. So having less reclaim and more hits from the same amount of dabs, I am totally digging.

Screenshot_2019-01-17-21-41-01-1.png Two hits later the pile still looks nearly the same

The amount I use to dose

I use to get three hits off the rig because I would divide the dose so I would not choke. Now that same amount gives me 6 or 7 hits. Which means I can conserve my dabs even more. It also allows me to dose more when I sustain additional injuries which happens from time to time like falling on ice.

So that is how you use a Honey Straw

It is easy to use and used less product to do the job. Best $15.99 I have spent in a long time.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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I’ve never used a honey stick. I don’t dab either though. I think that will most likely change once we legalize here and that honey becomes more readily available. I looked at how they make it, damn I’m not there yet...


I am in an illegal state and it doesn't come around as often as I would like so I been stock piling while it has been in.

soooooo coooool!!!!! do you like it!?


Oh yes very much so

Yeah pretty cool and inexpensive.

Never used this kind of toys, good to know how to use it, if I ever get a chance I'll look smart.

Looks like a very effective method, I would like to try this out one day. Thanks for the tutorial, very interesting. Bong on. :-)

Those honey straws sounds interesting. Too bad I can't get my hands on dabs.

girl you are sweet as honey, your publications always leave me a buzz, thanks for sharing

Looks easy and effective.
Any danger of melting the lid?


No silicone doesn't melt from indirect heat. I would only use silicone or glass to use the Honey Straw with.