Exhausted after a day of play

last year

I took yesterday and most of today off

This morning I picked up my grandbabies and we had a day of play and I am exhausted. Seriously I don't remember being this tired when my kids were that age and I had 3. I am so grateful for this new doctor because normally I can only do two or three hours at a time with them because it exhausts me so much. Today I spent 7 and 1/2 hours with my precious grandbabies. They got to come over to Gram's house and play with her doggies, popsicles, went to lunch and spent hours at this large playground at a very beautiful park. The we came back to my house for ice cream and some cartoons before I took them home.

Now it is time to relax

I thought about twisting a joint. But my back is sore from picking up the babies and from running around after them. So I decided I need something with a little more kick. A little dab shall do...

Blackjack Crumble

Yes I took a day off from posting

I did read some content yesterday and commented on a few pieces but yesterday I took a break and a day off. I have a hard time taking a day off because there is a saying in social media blogging of you miss a day you can become irrelevant, but you know what that is some bullshit crap. I only become irrelevant if I decide I am. It is okay to take a day off sometimes. We need it occassionally to reset our creative flow. So occassionally I am going to take a break and I suggest everyone do that sometimes too. It feels good to take a day off.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Lol it looks like all your crumble melted.

I'm glad you had a good day with the grand babies. Even more glad that your pain is low enough to get extra time with them 😁

I use to be a daily poster here and on other platforms but I been taking more and more breaks, it seems hard to get back in to the swing of daily.


Yeah it arrived that way. More like a badder than a crumble but it is a crumble so the package says.

I never thought you are a grand mom .. Nice to know that :)


I have three grown children and currently 2 grandchildren from my oldest.


So good to hear that :)

Time off is important to gether yourself and your thoughts. It's only when I move my thoughts from a subject that they brain juices get flowing.


I have taken 3 days total off in 8 months. 2 of those days I was so sick I couldn't post.


Wow. That's some dedication. You really like to write. It's good to take sometimes off to chill and have fun with the family.