A little dabs will definitely do me

3 months ago

I got lucky and ran into some budder

I seriously mean I got lucky. A friend did some work for someone and they didn't have cash to pay them and paid them in budder. They called me cause they know I love the stuff for my spasms. It is harder to find around my area than BHO or Shatter. I helped them out by giving them the cash and I got a great deal.


I got a great deal on it

And I am not sure what typenof construction type crap my friend was doing but the value of what he was given he was paid damn well. He just wanted his per hour rate and got that and more selling me 10 grams for $15 a gram. I got the family discount he was gonna sell it to others for $20. He was stoked that he worked for 4 hours today and not only got some cash but had some dab to keep for himself and his wife. I almost feel bad because that is at least $400 worth of dabs. But then again I don't feel bad as I been there for them and this is their way of being there for me.


I haven't meant to be MIA from smoke

I started a class that last 8 weeks and have been swamped with work. I am restructuring my business along with taking this course to improve the services I offer my clients. Which means the next 7 weeks are going to be crazy busy. My studio is also now finished and I have been busy shooting models for new pricing brochures and other promotional materials. I also recently was contacted by a winery that wants some work done besides some upcoming work for a local smoke accessory shop. So please be patient if I haven't posted. When my restructuring is done, my time will go back to a normal routine and I will have more free time.

I love smoke.io

Nothing has changed there. But my business has to be my priority atm so I can continue to afford to run and operate my witness. This budder came st the right time. Dabs are great for spasms and I been having spasms in my shoulder blades lately. A couple of hits of this stops them.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit. Oh and the restructuring seems to be working as people are booking shoots for later in the month. I increased my prices and how I am operating and I am starting to book a schedule busier than ever.



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It looks really good 😊💚


It is really good so glad to get a hold of some good budder.


I know what you mean 🤤💚