Testing the Brand New Dab Press

5 months ago

So I’m yet to get the rosin bags, but I anyway went ahead and tested a gram each!

Cheese auto on the left and Critical Mass Auto on the right , as I mentioned early , I did only a gram to test since I don’t have the rosin bags , yet fuck it smells amazing!!!!!!




#grow #growlife #growyourown

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That is the next thing I want to buy as good quality dabs are hard to find here. Low quality BHO is in abundance but that shit sucks. I want that quality you get from a good press. A hair straightener is okay in a pinch but a press is something I have been dreaming about.


Yeah , I'm glad to have finally got the best press, looks great so far! I found it on amazon.


How much did it run ya if you don't mind me asking? And which one did you get?


It’s about 450 bucks on amazon! It’s a 6 ton hydraulic bottle jack heat press.

Very blonde color to that resin 🤤
Bet it’s tasty! Certainly better than the hair straightener I used to borrow from my wife to press nugs..LOL what kind of press do you use?


haha! I have been there, done that, lol. I just bought a dab press from amazon. Just search for dab press in amazon you can find it around 450 USD or about 600 CAD

The Critical Mass Auto is just 😊😍


yep! It's the best :)

Beautiful colour from the press,


thanks man!!

looking good man! what did you do with the left over herb? cook it or throw it out?


its still in here, wanted to cook, probably gotta throw, haven't been back home yet