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5 months ago


Have you went on over and watch the unboxing video from I post a few days back, It is linked here.
I went and took a small review video as well as I think this is how I will be doing my posts as I said, I am getting the video's out with smoke tagged all over it and post, then I will be posting the shatterporn, nugporn and plantporn here on with a bit more detailed review.

Death Star

Have you ever had the like to try Death Star? I think it is awesome how many star wars strains we have around and being a huge star wars fan, I would love to try @rawprides Bubba Fett one day that is some killing looking chronic.

When I got this stain I was really curious about what strains might make up this one as it is not a common name of a parent that is for sure. From looking around I can tell you this is a top-notch cross by a team called "team death star". I can't say I have ever heard of this breeding team before.
The strain that this team used to make this cross are two of the most well-known strains, The first one is sour diesel and that has to be one of the most well-known sativa stains around. The second strain that they used to make this strain up was sensi star, I am not sure if it is a worldwide




The looks on this are top notch with a nice clear amber look to it like it should when it is a nug run shatter.




I was not shocked that this had such a lemon citrus taste to it when I found out the parent strain, This was a nice lemon taste that came from the sensi star




I really enjoyed this nice mellow buzz, I would say for a newb smoker this would rock them to sleep but an experienced smoker I would say this is a great mellow indica that you could smoke during the day.


conclusion on this is the death star is well worth the try, I would also love to try some more from this company, I would also like to find them and send them this review :)

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Damn man.. can't wait to go to Amsterdam to try that damn shatter or dub...


You will love it, 😀

Make sure to get nice clean amber stuff for your first try

Shouldn't be called a deathstar but instead a full of lifestar


Great review! Can you show the packaging off in pics too? Cheers 👍


O yeah guess i forgot to upload that will fix that asap 😀

Niiice man, I've got to pick up shatter sometime - haven't tried it yet. I thought I used a lot of fuel back when i'd dry blunts with the bic lighter - dabbers burn through fuel like crazy lol - blaze on :)


O yeah when i smoke a lot it is a can a week such waste I need to get an enail.

Make sure to start with GOOD shatter

Let the force be with you bro, thanks for another great review mate. So how much of it did you smoke in one sitting? Bong on bro. :-)


Dam never saw this😮 i normally take 3 dabs inless i wanna really get stoned 🤣. Life needs to fuck off so i can post some more

God, that explains everything. You are so ugly and that's why u are toxic. 100% virgin. Sad


I know right I am one fuckig ugly person, 100% virgin bahaha that is a good one tho. You are a funny fucker. Now go post your horrid bounty0x style post and you will keep getting my flag 🤣

Never a bad idea to try and bring people to Smoke. :)

Glad to see you working at videos mate, you should definitely do more of that. I life being able to hear and see people speak as opposed to just try and read what they're getting across. I think it adds that much needed personal touch, ya know?