Dabs for dayzzz

6 months ago

Yesterday was payday! And since all my bills are paid until the end of the month I went a little extra and got about 5 grams worth of new dab for the week. 😛

I went maybe $20 over budget ($170 grand total this time) so hopefully I can make these last a while 😉

still practicing the #dabcam

Work was a little busy today and yesterday so i didn't have much time to get the best dab shots but i hope you guys enjoyed this post 👍

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That is the one product that is so freaking hard to get here in the black market I live in. Easy to get BHO dabs but to get a good crumble or live resin is nearly impossible and way to expensive when it does happen. Soon neighboring states will make it legal recreational and I can make trips over the border for it but it sucks because it is so good for muscle spasms and is nearly impossible to get here.