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5 months ago

When it comes to wax, shatter, rosin, terpene, hash oil, budder or crumble, there’s a lot to know about concentrates for first-time users.

If you’ve never done a dab before, there are some things you should know before you fire up the blowtorch.

Dabs are one of the hottest trends that are going on in the cannabis industry, and it’s hotter than a leaked celebrity sex tape. As a matter of fact, dabs are exploding and more people are currently interested in dabs than ever before.

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Warning for first-time users.

This is by no means a warning to scare you, but more of a heads up because I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to someone who never did a dab before. Dabs are a highly-concentrated form of THC, and it packs a punch harder than Mike Tyson! If you are someone who already coughs profusely from dried flower cannabis and has a hard time breathing on a daily basis with COPD type symptoms, leave the dabs alone!

So, how are dabs made?

Dabs are made from the concentrated form of THC that’s extracted from the cannabis flower by using a solvent like CO2 or butane, as well as recent methods that don’t use solvents like ice-water hash and rosin.

If you want to get higher than a Georgia pine, other distillate options can remove terpenes and cannabinoids while isolating just the THC to create a very potent product.

What’s involved with dabbing?

First of all, concentrates are consumed in a more intense manner than cannabis in its dry flower form. A blowtorch is required to heat up a ceramic, glass or metal element that replaces a typical bowl found on bongs. I assume they call this piece the nail because it will nail you like a kick in the groin!

The device that looks like a bong is called a rig or oil rig. Even though you're not drilling for oil, you might as well be because once you take your first hit, it’s pay-dirt on a grand scale. The concentrate is put into the nail by using a narrowly pointed tool called a dabber with the concentrate on the tip.

The intense heat from the blowtorch on the nail instantly evaporates or at lower temperatures, simply melts down the concentrate. The vapor can be inhaled just like a normal bong hit; however, the difference between a bong hit and a dab is real.

What’s the difference between dabs and buds?

The difference between concentrates and dry flower cannabis is that dabs are significantly more potent and deserve respect. Most quality medical marijuana has a TCH potency of 15% to 25%, and the highest quality strains can reach into the 30s and 40s, while some concentrates reach THC levels of 80% to 90%!

The difference between one hit of dried flower and one hit of dabs is something you’ll never forget.

A good tip is to start small, especially if this is your first experience with dabs. Take a baby-hit because you will be surprised at how powerful a dab can be.

Be prepared for a coughing spell that can last 5 to 10 minutes on your first hit. You will build up a tolerance and not cough as much as you progress; however, most dab smokers have a hard time going back to buds because the effects are significantly less.

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Do you even Dab smokers?

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Great post. I have never tried dabs so this is great information. I already cough too much so I will stick with my Cookie flower buds and Tea.


You need to try it!

Everyone has tried to get me to smoke dabs but, I just prefer to smoke a blunt or cone. I think it's a physiologic thing for me. I want to get high but not so high that I don't know what I am doing and I want a slow high not a Mike Tyson knock out high lol. I have done many drugs in my life time that I want mention what they were and dabs just remind of that. One day I might try it I just have to work up the nerve to do it. Thanks for the explanation and great post!

I would like to try them so much but I don't think I will ever do so if I don't find myself in the country where this is legal.


You could make rosin oil, pretty much the same thing, just needs heat and pressure.

I have never dabbed before, and viewing this post, I think I'll stick to what my body can take.


I believe your body could take a lot of dabs, I believe in you 😂



Thank you for these complete informations!
I haven't used dabs, but I understand that the difference between a joint and a dab is: 1 DAB = 1 JOINT X 10 or more...
Very good guide & video and I think that the info from this post helps many members of SMOKE.
Congratulations @plug and more posts like this with HIGH QUALITY details !!!

I've enjoyed a dab hit or two, although it's a rarity for me to find. I would much rather have dabs than flower.

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Nice one plug :)
I am yet to try any form of dab, but I know my time will come one day.
Looks mint!