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Do not upsmoke this post!!!

This post is stolen from @douglas.curtis!!! Read the original post here.

Upsmoked for visibility...

Just had to comment to this...

You are speaking so true with knowing what is in your water. If you have water (whether supplied from a local municipality's water treatment plant or well water) but you buy bottled water to drink... then why in the world would you give that tap water to your plants?

I actually tested the water before I started growing and found the pH balance was WAY too high for the plants. It was tested at 8.5... EEK!

I actually just did another water test (where I send out the sample to a lab) and will be posting the results when I get them back. Should be any day now & I was going to do a write up too- lol



He does not know what's in the water... It's just copy/pasted...


Yeah I saw that issue after I had posted this comment. He stole someone else's pictures here


Don't know whose photos are, but headline was familiar and when I read hy is Clean Water So Important With Cannabis?
Phytoremediation - (Fie-doh-ree-mee-dee-ay-shun
I knew exactly whose post am I reading...