Unboxing a Puffco Peak - Mobile Dab Rig

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7 months ago

Unboxing a Puffco Peak

Mobile Dab Rig

When I went to Holidaze Music Fest, I met some friends from Queens that brought a Puffco Peak rig with them. It's a great mobile dab rig that does not require a torch. I was so impressed with the way that it worked, I had to get one for myself. Here is what it looks like when you open the box:

Welcome to the Peak

It was some fine packaging by Puffco. The Peak arrived inside of a handy and secure travel case. This will help keep the Puffco Peak safe when on the go.

Inside of the case was the pieces that make up the Puffco Peak. The base is the electronic portion that needs to be charged. Each charge lasts approximately 30 dabs. The glass beaker attaches to the base and can be replaced. It comes with one atomizer, but I will definitely need more. The atomizer is where you place the dabs. The Puffco Peak comes with a small dab tool, some cotton swabs and a quartz carb cap for the atomizer.

Overall, it's a great way to dab on the go!

Smoke Up!

and have a great day!

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O wow, this looks epic,
How much does this hit the pocket book? be sweet you could do a video review


A hefty $399.
I’ll get around to a video review at some point for sure!


God dam I just about shit my pants haha


I was going to ask for a video of how it works as well!


I gotchuu
Stay tuned!

That's a beautiful looking device. Real sleek, I never seen this before