Sour Diesel - Pull 'n' Snap - Concentrate - Strain Review

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7 months ago

Sour Diesel

Pull 'n' Snap - Concentrate
Strain Review

A little while ago, I picked up some Sour Diesel Pull 'n' Snap Concentrates. Sour Diesel is a Sativa heavy strain, named after it's pungent aroma. It has an energizing effect that makes it a perfect strain for a wake & bake sesh.

Although I do not have the test results, I know that this is some very potent stuff. Just a small dab is all you need. It gives a sativa-high without the anxiety.

As you can see in the photos, it's a nice golden color. The concentrate stretches easy, almost like a fruit-roll-up. It's nice and easy to work with.

It tastes clean and delicious when hit at a low temperature. A lovely aroma is produced from this strain. The Sour Diesel gives an extremely uplifting and motivational effect. It's one of my favorite strains to use.

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I would so like to try dabs. Never in my life. This is on a bucket list for Amsterdam


Get some sticky flower and a hair straightener. Get some parchment paper tear some off and put a 1 gram nug into parchment, set aside. Heat the hair straightner to the lowest setting unplug count 30 seconds then put the nug between the plates and press listen to the sizzle to stop. Remove from heat and move the bud to a clean part of the parchment and press again. Set rosin chip aside and use a dabber tool to collect a sticky 1 gram bud will get you 2 to 4 hits of dab depending on the size. Save the rosin chips for cannabutter or for tincture. (Made some rosin chip tinture a while back that was awesome)


Awesome. Thanks so much for this.


It doesn't produce what a big press does but it works and youncan get good edibles out of it too so no waste at all

That looks slabby man!

Looks really good man, I reclaimed some oil out of my vapes & it's pure rank, haha! Wouldn't mind shatter over flower