Happy Fruity Weekend

10 months ago

Happy Saturday All!

Dabbing Fruitcake sortbet product by Nug and of Sherbert dreams x Cherry pie.

Img WEHDJHXSK563878.jpg


Cherry pie clouds means fruity and citrusy, tasty terps. Tipped over the rig, enjoy the clouds.

Have a great day smoking on 🔥


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Love that bong, professional recreation of things I have made 😅 obviously with plastic bottles and duct tape 👍


Sometimes change is good 😁, Do you still create this?


Not in many years ... best I made was when we had a gravity bong version using 2 11L water jugs felt seal ... basically looked the same but you pulled up the top bottle then took off the lid and took your toke as sliding down ... entry of the stem in the bottom looked nearly identical after I melted it with only enough water to dip the stem... hot box a room in 1 chamber which was a 1g bowl 😅