Watermelon Haze Shatter

5 months ago

Some mouth watering extracts ready to be vaporized.

From 224g of AAA nug, a 52g yield returned to me in the form of this beautiful golden slab.
#Shatter #NugRun #Concentrates #Extracts

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nice shatter

Do u have ur cell? I think it’s in the bedroom. Come get it xoxo

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How were you doing this? What process?


Closed loop, hydrocarbon extraction.

That is some nicely coloured shatter and a dam good return. Is this bho and than purged in an oven?


Thank you, yes was very happy with the return. Close to %25 which is a rare number to hit for me. Yes it is! Purged for 36 hours per side under deep vacuum.


Nice one, That is going to last a nice few days 😀