Animal Cookies Shatter - Closed Loop BHO

7 days ago

Bay Area 11 Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG

Full nug run, 30 psi tapered down to 0 psi for active pass.
Dry Ice in the jacketed sleeve on material tube for sub-zero temperatures.
Dry Ice in the sleeve on winterizing column with 73u filter for dewaxing.

I packed the tube, with force - but not all my strength (roughly 20 pounds of pressure).
Once the tube is packed and the Closed Loop System is all buttoned up, I start to vacuum the atmospheric pressure down to -30hg within the system.

Once deep vacuum is achieved, I make sure all valves are closed. I then open the gas valve on the Refrigerant recovery tank - which is filled with a hydrocarbon - typically n-butane. I open all the subsequent valves up to the top fill portion of the material chamber. (I use a bi-directional system - which allows both a top feed and bottom feed of solvent, I now only use the top feed for personal preference). I don't use a soak time anymore, as soon as the butane is pumping into the material column - I crank open the valve into the collection chamber and let the juices flow.

From there it's just recovering the butane and dumping the un-purged oil onto a sheet of parchment for the vacuum purge.

112g went in, 22.4g came out

Pinechunk48 (2).jpg

Thanks for looking!

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Nice show. Shatter is my fav, I gotta start making my shatter.

Have you tried rosin pressing? Advantage of no butane handling


I've tried it, and I absolutely loved the product. But I find it just as tedious, if not more tedious with the little bags and collecting the rosin. I've been looking into making ice hash, to then press into rosin. I've been told this is the most efficient way to make rosin (aswell as THC-A crystals)


Ya but the end results in the end are a beautiful thing.

Very nice looking shatter mate, reasons why you don't use a soak time anymore?