Wax on Wax Off!! 3 different flavors!

in #dabs
5 months ago

Brand: Medizin

Strain: Mango Kush, SFV, Banana OG

Flame Rate:🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • SFV 75%
  • Mango Kush 69%
  • Banana OG 73%

Terp Profile: (see pics)

The Wax versions of my last three strains!

I got on my wax hype for a second and took advantage of this wax deal they were offering. I figured since i already tried the flowers and they were all flame then WHY NOT THE WAX!!

This looked like you looking through a stained glass window.

Straight up the color i always look for when im looking for shatter. Light golden and you can see through it. That lets me know its clean.

The SFV Was Heavy in Limonene

As usual tho. Piney and lemony and the Linalool probably gives it that sweet taste i get on the exhale

Mango Wax will sit you down

Packing a serious punch at over 10mg of Myrcene. BE CAREFUL The Limonene definitely gives it that piney taste too.

The Banana was by far the best

It had just the right amount of all the terps combined to give it a crazy taste. Its all about the genetics im starting to understand.

I Think I Have Enough!!

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All that choice over there. 😍

Can’t wait to try banana wax.


yeah choices on top of choices lol

Those look delicious!!! I dont have a lot of experience w waxes. I did mess with some rosin press and a crappy vape attachment. Ive dabbed before and just cant put up the $ for a good setup


yeah i feel you, luckily my boy worked at a smoke shop and gave me a super deal on a rig... otherwise i would be like you


Can never beat a great score!
Ive used the ecapple 510threaded adapter and it worked pretty well for a few days. I fired within the recommended wattage and coils just dont last. I have a fez pen that works ok. I used that for the flower, as i lost the cup for waxes.

I'm sure gonna miss shatters, those look good


yeah imma start messing with the live resin or rosin, thats what i usually would do

The Banana had me the most curious, not sure if i've tried a strain with banana flavors before, sounds good. The mango wax sounds badass.


yeah the banana one had the best taste to it,, the mango has some serious couch lock to it