The Last Dab Sesh in Acapulco - with Danny Quest - Video

9 months ago

My last day in the beautiful Acapulco, Mexico this year was filled with many activities. One of the things I made sure to do before we left was film the final dab session in La Casa Creativa with Danny Quest.

Behind the scenes photos of the music video shoot

Our month abroad was packed full of excitment, high emotions, and community projects that would blow your mind. In the following video, I do a short recap of how I felt at the end of our journey, briefly talk about the music video we just finished shooting, and even includes a clip of Danny Quest eating the sunset at the end.

Click pic below to play:

Bless & Blaze up Bredren


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Very cool stuff man


Thanks bud.

You ate the sun duude ! : ) Nice chilled video.


Muchas gracias

Bender the pipe, all the way baby...

End...haha.. yeah.. munchies..he ate it...


He was hungry, probably burned a little though.

Damn, Im going to miss that place for you. Lol. Seems like you really had a great and productive time down there!


Most certainly did.