St. Patty's Day Dab Bar Part 2 - 1 Gram Dab Turns into a Tag Team Dab Match

3 months ago

I am not a fan of excess, but these guys did it, so I recorded it.

In the following video, our buddies are at it again on St. Patties day. One homie takes a full gram of dabs to the face, while a few others went in on the dab halo tag team style. It was quite entertaining. I met some new faces, and kicked it with people I knew previously also. It was a good communion of cannabis, and was filled with positive vibes.

Thank you to everyone in my life who loves me, I am here for all of you.

Click pic below to play

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Holy MOLY!

a lil dabble of dab

Looks like fun.will catch up with vid. Lata. After work .cheers.

They did it! - with a little help from the friends.. Ah so that's a technique yall use like circular breathing like singers do. Must be a hard smacking buzz, I know with bong tokes if i take too much then by the time i'm done coughing the head buzz is already felt lol. Looks like some fun buds to dab with.


Yea I cannot see myself taking a dab like that, and I do not advocate to do so either. I was just trying to take a couple simple dab videos, and it turned into this lol, glad you guys like it.

You really having fun bro..., Wish I was there


It was fun for them for sure.

Wow dude, what a capacity :)
Btw, just watched this Irish guy rambling about Paddy's day, funny as a barrel of monkeys.


Well I fudged up the two D's thing, take it from an Irishman, haha.