HUGE Dabs on St. Patty's Day - The Pot & the Luck - My Gold is Green

3 months ago

snap - 2019-03-17T190636.794.jpg


Today my buddies Jedi and Brenda invited us over to their house in Mt. Angel Oregon for a St. Patrick's day pot luck dinner... and dabs. I personally still haven't taken one since I got back from Mexico, but my buddies were not having any trouble, and took it upon themselves to get SUPER lit!

snap - 2019-03-17T190813.434.jpg

In addition, we had a smorgasbord of authentic Irish food, along with a house full of mostly Irish people. I'd say we did it right this holiday. Before I spoil any more of what happens, enjoy the video. This is a really good one, which includes a part 2 I will post tomorrow with some people taking 1 gram dabs!

Click pic below to play - I love some Holidaze

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Oh man, buddy did like a quadruple hit there :) Happy St. Patricks day.


Wait till you see the 1 gram dab video I am posting tomorrow. I like this video better overall, but holy crap I was astonished at the 1 gram halos people were cheifin' - it was like, "holy smokes!"


coughing but still hitting, champ!

Awww yea looks like you had quite the holiday.


Yea it was a good time, and a much needed change of pace. I hope yours was as well. Also, we were in a green house covered in green moss for this.

Haha after that HUGE slab the next paper reveals were a bit lackluster, still though serious amount of concentrates well jelly haha!

They own a glass kiln? They make their own glass? Any videos of that in the past or places I can check out their art online?

HUGE dabs! The dab bar is pretty cool man


Actually my buddy Tony ownes the kiln, he is our mutual glass blowing buddy. I have a video of him making the dab straw in that contest entry video i did a while back. He is kind of a "in-person" transactor with his glass, and does not have an online store. He is also working on a pretty big blockchain project.

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