The Greatest Shatter I've Ever Had

in #dabs
last year

I've been dabbing for about 5 years now and I recently stumbled upon the greatest shatter I've ever seen/dabbed. In the picture is the Super Lemon Haze which was absolutely astounding. The intense cerebral effects where exactly what I was looking for as well as the opiate like euphoria I felt. The high was so clear and oh so sativa leaning. I can't quite describe the taste but it is absolutely amazing as well as the smell of the room after sabbing. My girlfriend doesn't smoke and normally hates the smell of most dabs but she actually LIKED the smell of it. The fragrance was absolutely jaw dropping it was like a combination of sweet flowers, fresh laundry, and fresh florida oranges. Last thing, the gram was only $25! I don't know about you guys but the base price for good oil where im from is about $30 and your top shelf caviars, refined sugars and diamond mixes range from $40-$90. This shatter had the quality of the $70 caviars for sure. I imagine the same goes for the $90 gram (I have yet to waste $90 on a gram of oil, I definately will not after spending $80 on 0.25g of THCa Crystalline)

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel to see a few of my grows, don't be afraid to subscribe 😇:

I also have quite a bit more grow photos on my Instagram @east_buddah

Thank you very much if you've actually read my whole post. I've never felt like writing this much since highschool!

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That looks amazing and for just $25 ... well i envy you!

I love super lemon haze, that shit is an epic summer time smoke!!


Absolutely! Sooo uplifting and cerebral 😇