A Photo of Extract Offgassing: Extraction of 4 Different Strains + Trim

5 months ago

You're Looking at Cannabis Oil Bubbling From Dissolved Gasses Leaving

It's amazing to watch extract bubble up from the vaporizng gas. As the bubbles foam up too much, the paper is folded again to pop them, then again spread out. The bubbles begin immediately, starting the foaming process all over again.

Once Vacuum Purged It's Ready for Dabbing

The physics of extraction of cannabis is amazing. I'll see what I can do about getting some videos uploaded.

Go BE Awesome! :D

#extract #offgassing #oil #honeyoil #photography

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to the days we use to just smoke it like that and call it honey oil haha


I'm sure this is still going on somewhere right now. :D

I've had the photo for a while, so I figured I'd share. :) Thanks for stopping by. :D


o yeah, a friend of mine still makes her own and smokes it,