Introduction Post, and About Me.

3 months ago

Hey fellow stoners, Im Doobby Aka The Dabbing Daddy!

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.53.17 PM.png

Im 30yo an have been smoking for 15-16 year now, pretty much exclusively dabbing for the last 5 or so. I live up in the great white north, very happy to finally have weed sum what quasi legal.
I also do a daily stoner live stream dabbing listening to music just chilling with everyone while we all get high, but I think this short clip sum's up my stream much better.

Double Widow Maker (12 dabs in one +CBD)

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Eeey! Good to see another Canuck here - hope you enjoy your time here on Smoke


EH! Im sure I will, just the incredibly warm welcome from my 1st post already has me loving it! Thanks!

Welcome to the smoke community. Hopefully you will have a great time here.

We look forward to your contributions. 🦇


Hey thanks! Im looking forward to sharing and seeing what everyone elts is up to around the weed world!

Now that's a dab! Welcome to Smokeio


Thanks! Plenty more to come, with improvements to everything! :D

Welcome to smoke...


Thanks for the welcome! :)

Welcome to the community, Great to see another fellow Canadian in the mix.


Thanks for the Welcome, excited to be here! Esp with so many fellow Canadian's in the mix, nice to see :D

Welcome to the smoke community !😁


Thanks! Im happy to have found it! :D

Welcome. : )


Thanks :D hope your week was nice an green!