They say “When one door closes another door opens”, so do our contests :P

2 years ago

Hi SmokeBros!!

The end of yet another contest comes to an end, and again we gonna start another one! Big thanks to the participants :D

Last week we asked you guys to share your favorite movies/series and books and your experiences while watching/reading them while high, we got 2 stories to share:

@psyceratopsb with a couple of books and movies worth the attention

@tecnosgirl got stoned and watched Crimes of Grindelwald in 3D

Since our latest contest required a bit more work, we got fewer participants than usual so we decided to reward those that partook with double prizes so they got 20 SMOKE.

Ancient Weed

Cannabis was used throughout history in virtually all cultures in relations to medicine, textiles, and spiritualism. In Ancient times in China the first use of cannabis was for producing paper rope and cloth. Probably the oldest reference we have about this incredible plant is dating back to around 2800 BC. Shennong, know as the first emperor of Ancient China also exalted as a deity in Chinese mythology allegedly written “The Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica”, the book on agriculture and medicinal plants. Shennong was credited with various inventions such as irrigation, the plow, axe, hoe, even acupuncture and many discoveries with medicinal values in plants. In the book, it's stated that he discovered numerous medicinal values of cannabis saying it was good for treating nausea, rheumatism, malaria, absent-mindedness, and many other things. Shennong was often depicted chewing on some plants and observing its effects on mind and body. You could say that he was chewing on some Ancient Weed haha. It seems that in the end his curiosity and exploration got the best of him. It's been said that he died after eating some weeds of a "yellow flower" which caused his intestines to rupture and didn't have time to ingest his antidotal tea. After his death, Chinese still continued with the exploration of learning about more of its uses and psychoactive effects.

This is just a short story about cannabis and its uses throughout the history of mankind. We would like to learn more and reward people for doing so. Today we gonna open a new contest "Ancient Weed". To participate follow these steps below:

  • Every participation with an original post will get upsmoke (from @curationbro, @z3ll, and @savagelion) and 20 SMOKE up to 200 SMOKE (so 10 participations).

    To participate follow these steps:

  • Make an original post about some history of weed usage.

  • Post it on with #curationbro tag

  • Link your post in our discord channel in a designated room #contest

  • Enjoy and wait for SMOKE!

    Post your entries before the 9th of December!

    Keep on Smoking!

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I was just thinking of making a history based post next. This comes like called.


Thats awesome to hear, can't wait to read your story and learn something about weed and our weird ancestors :P

Here is my Ancient Weed Post about the word Kaneh-Bosm (Cannabis) in the Bible........

Thanks for the win!
Hope for more participants next time.

Have some reaserches I am doing for my essay on subject of entheogens, so I will surely participate in the next contest!


Wow, that sounds interesting! I had to google the term and I am intrigued. Would love to know about it when you finish it.

Sweet contest bros, will see about doing a history post next week 🌿


Thanks, we would appreciate if you share some history and weed lessons with us. :D

Oh dang it! I missed this contest last week!

Adding this to my to-do list of posts for this coming week!

Good luck to all who enter!


Too bad, we got so few participants last week. Hope we can get more this time.

Congratulations to the winners!!!