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last year

Hi SmokeBros!!

Today we are wrapping up our contest/giveaway from last week, thank you all for participating, there are some really interesting entries. We also gonna look at some feedback from the poll and then again, More Contests! :D

Last week some of you guys decided to tell us how you prefer to consume MJ and here you can read their stories:

@offgrid - and his pipe
@enjoyinglife - with nice joint and many cats :D :D
@indaymers - with a really nice place and an old-school way interesting law with legal consuming in a private house
@d-thoughts - on why he doesn't smoke and a sad story

The Feedback

Most users seem pleased how the community is going forward. Suggestions we got on how to improve smoke.io experience were mostly technical in nature (related to UI, features, mobile apps, tools, Dapps, etc.) so we want to remind you guys that this is an open source project and if you are tech savy, got some developer skills, feel free to join in development on GitHub.
Also if you didn't already please participate in our poll to help us make this platform better for future use. If you participated but want to edit your entry you can do so.

For now, these are some stats from the poll:

We got some suggestions from people on our question on “How to improve smoke.io” suggesting to do something not available, such as delegation (delegations bring more problems than solutions for now and we don’t like it in the form that steemit has them implemented) while some requested things that are already here for use, we will clear those things up:

“The notification system is needed”:
It already exists in some discord channels, original afia channel, Smoke.io channel and including ours (Meet Afia by @blackman)

“Look into the glitch with uploading photos. sometimes it will say 100% but not add the image to the post”:

This is a known issue, for now, the solution is in imgur.com (see @freedom’s post for that)

“I'd like to be able to add videos to the platform without using YouTube”:

This is also possible, you can use other decentralized platforms such as Dlive or Dtube

“Non cannabis/smoke content should not be encouraged”:

Non-smokers are as equally important on this platform as smokers. Non-smoker group includes all potential smokers, ex-smokers, and people that don’t even consider starting (with various reasons, unfortunately not everyone's body reacts well to cannabis). We believe that many people will come on this platform to educate and get the necessary information on the topic of this wonderful plant. So by encouraging non-smoke related content, we will have yet another “steemit clone” and make it harder for people interested in cannabis to find what they want. If you don’t have any interest in cannabis topics, you can help the community via promotion of the site on other social media, organizing events and informing your friends and family members that might be interested. EVERY member of this community can help, maybe not by making posts but rather socializing and engaging with others. Also helping in the development of smoke blockchain, sites UI, creating Dapps, etc. There is so much work ahead of us and with cooperation, we will be able to move forward even faster.

At the end of our post there is a link to a document that is helpful to all new members, so be sure to check it out.

Another One!

Lastly, we want to open a new contest, marijuana as we know it, “hightens” our senses and gives us a boost in creative thinking. Is there a better way to enjoy that in your free time watching movies, favorite movies or reading a book?

Recently I ( @savagelion ) started reading a series by J.K Rowling and the adventures of Harry Potter. I read that series 3 times already and some books around 10 times. Yeah, I'm a huge fan and can't get enough of it. @z3ll is a fan also but he prefers watching the movies rather than delving into books. This time I decided to read them while stoned, I thought that it will be hard for me to focus and that it will take me forever to read it. However, I read through it in like 5 hours and I got to admit it was a really nice experience. After the book, I even watched the movie. No enthusiasm was lacking although I noticed that the movie was below the quality compared to the book. Today I’m continuing with the second book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. You are probably familiar with the story of a young wizard Harry Potter, but for you who aren’t, its about a little boy that survived after the strongest dark wizard, "Lord of darkness" in the history, after 12 years of his reign, he finally disappeared. The series contains 7 books and each book represent 1 year in Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that Harry is attending. Also, the series has 3 filler books that are situated in the same universe and gives a depth in a story.

The reason we are sharing this short story with you is that we would like to see your stories about your favorite movies/series or books. Tell us why is that your favorite and what its all about (try to avoid spoilers :P). Describe to us your experiences while reading/watching, were you high at the time or not, or maybe experienced it both ways. What were the differences?

Every participation with an original post will get upsmoke (from @curationbro, @z3ll, and @savagelion) and 10 SMOKE up to 140 SMOKE (so 14th participation).

To participate follow these steps:

  • Make an original post about your favorite movie/series or book and how high were you while enjoying it.
  • Post it on Smoke.io with #curationbro tag
  • Link your post in our discord channel in a designated room #contest
  • Enjoy and wait for SMOKE!

Post your entries before the 28th of November!

Keep on Smoking!

If you would like to support us, vote for our witness @curationbro
Google Docs for our new members!
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Wow talk about like minds. I did a vague af review post on the newest World of Harry Potter movie. I kept it very vague to make sure there is no spoilers.


Haha that is so awesome, and its actually what we were loking for! We can take that as an entry if you don't mind. :D



Good to read and understand how committed you guys are on getting feedback and implementing them, its very commendable.
Smoke all the way!

Znaci istripo sam kad sam vidio "i darovi smrti"... i onda tek vidim Algoritam i da su svi naslovi na hrvatskom...


Pozz @realkiki85 hahaha Dobro si to skuzio. Aj istripaj uz neki dobar film pa nam reci kako je bilo :P