Our community grew, so did we. Keep on smoking!

2 years ago

Hi SmokeBros!

Today we are closing our contest "My Favorite Place to Light It Up!" and sharing our rewards with participants. Big thanks to those that support us and to participants.
Since the last milestone report things ramped up and we are really excited about how the community grew so well and we have some stats to show our growth as well:

Last Report
New Report
Community Growth:
Discord Channel
Number of post Weekly
TOTAL payouts (SMOKE)
Contest Progress:
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Total Contest Rewards (SMOKE)

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We are glad that our tag #curationbro is 95% original and creative content and that other curators recognized that our tag is a source of quality content and help us support those authors.
Thank you @mister-meeseeks for creating this simple vote slider for users under 50k SP that helped us spread our votes to more authors.

These people decided to share with us their favorite places to light it up and if you are interested in their stories check out their posts:

@offgrid's favorite place is his small painting Studio up in the attic
and the magical place that is located on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron Ontario
@mountainhigh likes to light it up while hiking in Gray Butte, Mt. Shasta, CA.
@offgrid displayed initiative and shared 2 stories with us and @mountainhigh showed us astoundingly beautiful #smokespot
We really liked your entries we will give an extra 10 SMOKE to you both!


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Like always here goes a new one! Our contests are straying more to some kind of giveaways and we are trying to curate as many people as we can. We want to know how you guys like to smoke your weed or maybe consume it in another way. If you don't consume cannabis at all, tell us why.
Every participation with an original post will get upsmoke (from @curationbro, @z3ll, and @savagelion) and 10 SMOKE up to 140 SMOKE (so 14th participation).

To participate follow these steps:

  • Make an original post about your favorite way to consume cannabis or about the reason why you don't consume it.
  • Post it on Smoke.io with #curationbro tag
  • Link your post in our discord channel in a designated room #contest
  • Enjoy and wait for SMOKE!
    EDIT: Submit your entries before 17th of November.


We like to grind it up and roll it up with bleachless paper and natural glue. Bong is a nice alternative but we prefer it rolled up.

Also a reminder! If you didn't already visit CryptalDash and vote for SMOKE to get a free listing and while helping out you can earn more rewards from these lovely supporters:



If you would like to support us, vote for our witness @curationbro
Google Docs for our new members!
Join our Discord Channel!

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Nice! I'm definitely joining on this one. Thanks for doing what you do guys ;)

You are pretty good at it and have my respect.



Thank you brother!

Wow.... that is awesome. Thanks so much. I will also enter the next one. Upsmoked and Resmoked to get more people to enter.


Thanks man, we want to get more participants and get to know more about the community while at it. Resmokes definitely help :)


I will also share this contest on Twitter, and a few Cannabis Facebook Groups If that is ok.... Http://www.facebook.com/groups/cancrypto. Etc etc


Of course! Share wherever you want to.

Thanks for hosting another contest, I will try my best to join :)
Good luck I'll keep an eye also for the entries and as one of my purpose in joining this platform is to learn more about cannabis :) Keep up the PUFF Smokers :)


Please do so, we want to hear stories from as many fellow smokers as possible and encourage people to share by giving out rewards. Hope we see you participating.

love the work you are doing here @curationbro it has really helped the community grow and creates a friendly atmosphere on this platform.

keep on smoking guys :)

Next thing is teaching people how to comment and engage with the people replying to them. More.


Folks learn that throug using the platform more. as they see how socialization creates more exposure.

I have joined your latest contest deadline of which is Nov.17... I have to put my link here if that is ok because what I saw on Discord was contest-links ... I am not sure whether that is the right place.

I have upsmoked and resmoked this post ...here is my entry... below:

Thank you for initiating this contest!

I will join this contest for the first time.Thank you for this initiative.

Upsmoked and resmoked! Keep up smoking :)

I prefer it rolled up too :) .....cheers for hosting this, here's my post on how I do it 🔆 .

Good vibes bros, and good smoke

solid work guys!

I voted in the listing just an hour ago.keep on smoking.