Basic Guide for Newbies on the Network

2 years ago

Hello SmokerBros!

Day by day, Smoke is getting bigger. Each day we are getting more and more members and at this moment there are almost 5000 accounts been made! We are aware that a larger portion of these users never been on these kinds of platforms so we would like to define some terms that you will encounter on the daily basis to help you understand how things work around here.


First of all, we need to define what Smoke actually is. Its a blockchain-based social network created for the cannabis community that rewards users for making contributions to the network (Posting original content and curating high-quality content of other members). Smoke is decentralized which means that there is no central authority and everything on this network is owned by all users and token holders.


Every post needs to have a title and 1 to 5 tags. The first tag is the main tag and it signifies a category of the post. Other tags are used to describe a theme or point out things talked about in the post. Tags are important so that users that are interested in particular subjects can find posts they want easier. Using wrong tags can result in less audience satisfied with what they found and fewer rewards/upsmokes.

SMOKE tokens have 2 “states”, liquid and non-liquid.

Smoke Tokens

Liquid SMOKE is called simply “SMOKE” and it can be transferred to other accounts in the network without any fees and sent to exchanges to trade them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

If you want to send SMOKE to other users just go to the wallet and click on the arrow beside SMOKE amount and you will get drop menu with options POWER-UP and Transfer.

Smoke Power

Non-liquid SMOKE or “SMOKE POWER” are invested tokens and gives you influence on the platform. SMOKE POWER increases the worth of your “upsmokes” (rewards given by upvoting content) and just by holding on that investment you get 15% inflation per year.

When you want to convert you SMOKE POWER into liquid SMOKE that process is called POWER DOWN and it takes 13 weeks to fully convert. Every week while powering down you get 1/13th of that in SMOKE.

Example: If you want to power down 130 SMOKE POWER, every week you will get 10 SMOKE and so on until the 13th week when the process is over.

If you want to POWER DOWN again go to the wallet and click on the arrow beside SMOKE POWER amount and you will have the option to Power Down.

At any time you can cancel the process.

By posting, engaging in comments, upsmoking and holding SMOKE POWER increases you SMOKE POWER even further. Higher quality content get more recognition from members of the community thus they get more rewards, also upsmoking better content gives more curation rewards.

Vote Power

To keep Smoke economically viable every member has a limited amount of upsmokes in the set period of time. To understand it you need to know that every upsmoke can be divided into 10.000 units (from 0.01 to 100%). Every “full” upsmoke(100%) expends 2% of your Vote Power. Every account starts with 100% Vote Power and regenerates at the rate of 20% every 24 hours, respectively 1% every 1 hour and 12 minutes, 2% every 2 hours and 24 minutes and so on…

The worth of your upsmoke depends on the current value of SMOKE, how much SMOKE POWER you got invested and how much Vote Power you got at the moment of upsmoking . So if you upsmoke with an identical value of SMOKE and SMOKE POWER with 100% Vote Power the value will be higher then when you upsmoke with 80% Vote Power. In short, it is more efficient to upsmoke every 2 hours and 24 minutes then to expend it all at once.


If you find some really interesting posts and you want to share them with your follower, you can choose to Resmoke the post and it will show up on your account page. That will help the user to get more visibility on the network.


Witnesses are some of the most trusted members of the community that any member can vote for. They have a crucial role in keeping the blockchain safe and running. Witnesses should be running a reliable block producing node that is processing transactions (Posts, Votes, Comments, Token Transfers etc.). In return, witnesses get paid in SMOKE POWER per block. Blocks are produced in rounds, ~every minute, 21 blocks per round. Top 20 witnesses participate in every round and 1 witness below them is randomly selected each round depending on their rank. You can support up to 30 witnesses with your votes and the strength of your vote depends on how much SMOKE POWER you have on your account. To see the witness list go HERE.


Liquid SMOKE as said above can be sent to any member of the community or to an exchange. For now, SMOKE is traded on BitShares and RUDEX.
Here’s a quick tutorial that shows how to transfer your SMOKE tokens on to these exchanges.


  1. Create account on

  2. Press on and login

  3. Go on Deposit in Slider menu top right corner

  4. Pick Asset SMOKE and follow instructions!


  1. Go on RUDEX and create an account

  2. Press on and log in

  3. Click on ()

  4. Pick SMOKE and follow instructions


  1. Login into wallet
  2. Go on ()
  3. Put SMOKE and any other currency
  4. Accept order or create a new one


  1. Login into RUDEX wallet account
  2. Click on ()
  3. Put SMOKE and any other currency
  4. Accept order or create a new one


Smoke accounts have 5 different keys, 4 for normal uses and 1 for witnesses. All keys are very important and in wrong hands can damage your reputation and result in loss of tokens in your wallet. Each key has different uses, if for some reason you need/want to share your key with someone and want to be sure that to give only some permissions to that person or Dapp, in the table below you can see what key corresponds to which privileges and functions. You can find these keys(except the one you got in the mail) in the wallet section under tab “permissions”.

The Owner key gives you full control over the account and should not be used unless its necessary. Most of the time you will only need Posting key so use that one for logging in to your account. With Owner key, you can change other keys so be sure to keep that one safe, offline as you could easily lose access to your account if someone gets to that one.

Posting key is used for posting, comments and voting. Should be the key used to log in.

Active key is used to power down, transfering funds and voting for witnesses.

Memo key is used to decrypt private messages/memos.

Keep on Smoking!


If you would like to support us, vote for our witness @curationbro
Google Docs for our new members!
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This puts so much in place for those who need a quick reference! Thanks for all you do!

This is amazing my brother but make about posting more detailed about posting and the rewards. Let smokers understand why the need smokepower while posting artiicles . lets make smoke a better network for every smoker . Still planning to powerup to 20,000k soon.
@curationbro all the best in this project


Ok man, thank you for your feedback. We were trying to make something as basic as possible, but will make more detailed stuff in the future posts. Glad to hear you are Powering up!

I'm not new but, you did answer a few questions that I had about the platform. This is one of the best posts on the SmokeNetwork for New users or even for someone that just didn't know & great info on how to do certain things with your smoke (trade/sell/move). #Upvote #Resmoked


Wow! Thank you, that's a really big compliment we appreciate it. It's really nice to hear that our work is helpful :D

This is a good guide for people just starting out here.
I think I learned a couple of things that I wasn't sure about here on smoke. I came over here from steemit, so a lot of this was already familiar for me. Without that prior experience, I would have been pretty much lost in the woods, so this is good to have on the blockchain here.


We also had some experience from steemit, but we really got into it when smoke came out and really started digging for information and decided to share our knowledge with everyone and show that we should be here for each other. Together we grow faster! Keep on smoking!

Thanks for info man... finally nice guidelines here!
Now i know how to bring more value to this platform!

Great work here @curationbro, I believe this will help a lot of people who have not yet understood what the platform is about at least some knowledge about it. ✊🌿


Hey brother! Yeah, that was the main idea, of course, we want to see our family not just to grow in numbers but with vast knowledge as well.


That's very great man, thanks for that. Sure, we are growing in numbers and one day we hope to come together and have a nice time. Keep up the good work. 💝

Splendid work guys, this is gonna help a lot of people that are new with the smoke, blockchain and whole ecosystem behind it.

This should be one of the first posts that new people need to read as it contains so much useful information, and I'm sure it's gonna help a lot of them.


That was the point since when airdrop token distribution started we got a lot of more new users. But it seems we helped more people then we expected :D

Good job bro.

Awesome guide! Loads of info here

Thank you for this post. It helped me to learn the functions here at
Must read for all new users!

Thank you so much @curationbro for your effort for the newbie. RESMOKE TO STAY IN MY TIMELINE for future reference

Perfect landing for me on my under 1hr old stay.


Thats really fortunate if you never used platforms like this one. Welcome to the network!

Amazing guide for newcomers. Great work!


Thanks, if you think that we missed something, share it here in the comments.

Great intro guide! Resmoked and bookmarked for later sharing!

Smoked and upsmoked for visibility. Great source of information for new comers. Thanks :)


Thanks man, surely you meant you resmoked :P


haha, yes Upsmoked and Resmoked :)

Well written, pretty much the old Steemit :).
Is there any visual whatever, where i can see my VP at this very moment?


Thanks a lot :)!

Nice information, thank you @curationBro

Very Nice bro! good information about smoke network for beginners.