Help us get listed on the Cryptaldash Exchange!

2 years ago

Help us get listed on CryptalDash Exchange

We are participating in Phase 23 The CryptalDash Exchange New Coin Listing Competition. If we win we get to list SMOKE (SMOKE) in CryptalDash Exchange - the world's first integrated Crypto Exchange.

The CryptalDash Exchange is the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange. It enables cross-market views and execution. You can trade within the Exchange or via integrated third party exchanges. Trading at CryptalDash means you always get the best price.

Helping us get listed is easy, simply do a few social tasks on our listing page:


We are proud to support the vision of a sustainable world based on the United Nations’ 17 SDGs.

As a community, we have an opportunity to show the world how a new community can thrive through the vision first set out by Dan Larimer for mutual aid societies. We are proud to align our goals with CryptalDash and the United Nations' 17 SDG's to empower the future for the Smoke community and to set an example for DPoS chains to come.


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Nice, let's get this going! Resteemed for more visibility!


Resteemed. LOL. ;)



Woops, lol.


... xD


Server down ? Could not get account verified ... do I need to be on a Desktop ? Ready to Tweet for 100,000 points....

Lets do this!!!

its done, hopeful succeed...indeed...

Wonderful news. I just wrote an article as well to spread the word about the CryptalDash Exchange competition. I really hope we get listed. Smoke on :)

I continue this initiative, thanks for sharing.

I just re-steam this and will register to vote now!! Feels like Nov 9th all over again!!

I have done my part
Hope it will succeed

This could be great! I just looked at the website and will register to vote. We appear to be well in the running?
There seems to also be a whole ton of tasks for big points we can do ... dunno if these are already underway ...

EDIT: Please check the in-depth review I performed on this exchange. We really should be aiming for the top 15 exchanges only, this one appears to be harvesting our community for data.

About time we get ourselves on many more exchanges!

As we do, the market cap will rise substantially and as time goes on, liquidity will get better. I'm so ready for that! :) Not only do I want SMOKE to be the blockchain I'm dedicated to, I want SMOKE to be the main currency I trade on value as well!

Mass adoption will be underway soon enough! :D

Keep spreading the word everyone!

Voted! Looking good!

Awesome we need this! I will vote and help with spreading this!

Smoke to the moon

Im trying to get on to complete all the Tweet tasks etc ... do I need to be on a desktop ?

Thanks for another listing opportunity Smoke Family!
first CryptalDash Exchange
then NetCoins Exchange!

Will do!!! Power on!!!

We want smoke on top sites

Done. Together we can make this happen.
Smoke to the moon 🚀🚀

Resmoked for added visibility

i voted smoke

Let's make it possible dear smokians we together we can.

Voted smoke. Done

Hi, @smokenetwork I heard a news that Mr. Carlos Castaneda an American author is here also? Am I right! If I can search here, I will... Please put an ICON for search... (^_^) Thanks!!!


Try in google 'Castaneda'

... nothing shows yet ... if he is coming, it'll index there after a week or so


Someone told me that he was dead since 1998? I was sad... (-_-)

its done, hopeful succeed...indeed...

Let's do this. Resmoked for visibility.

On my way!! I ponder something great !!