Cooking on High - Netflix Second Stab At Cannabis Culture

last year

While Canada and other countries move towards decriminalization Netflix is starting to push some serious cash into cannabis culture.

Shows such as Disjointed was extremely well received by stoners and non-stoners alike for its witty humor, stereotypical characters and often deep and meaningful messages.

While Disjointed was awesome and covered the bases of what a stoner cult classic on 'binge mode' would be like 'Cooking on High' left me pretty disappointed.

Characters where odd B grade celebs and the food produced was lackluster at best, almost as if the show is not quite sure if it should be a cooking show, or just a bunch of comedians getting high.

While I still watched the entire season it did not leave me hungry for more.

What did you think of the show?

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Oh man! I miss the show Disjointed!

Fav scenes- when Kathy Bates' character hurt her back - was she REALLY high? Yeah, we think so.

ANY Dank & Dab moment- my husband LOVES those two idiots!


lol. Dank and Daby are tiiiight, dank, spank, hank? I must be too high...

Ok for novelty value, but I didn’t watch more than a couple of episodes.

Reminds me of the American show 'Top Chef'