[TRY'or'DYE] Smoke Session + SMALL CONTEST

10 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

My last tie dye session had been met with a few setbacks. I tried out a new technique which came out not how I had imagine it. So this time I had to repair it and do something with it. To get some idea I got myself some of the good stuff. I had been doing a tolerance break for about 3 weeks to get it mostly out of my system and rest up a bit. But I needed some good idea.

As you can see from the photo there was a lot of white spots left on this shirt. That wasn't what I wanted and the end result was rather unsatisfactory. The idea was to dye up the shirt in a spiral but with layered colors one under the other as I go deeper into the shirt. But that didn't work out. So what to do? I grabbed some different shade of green.


I remembered that a friend of mine asked me to make a shirt for him. With the color green being dominant. So I decided to overlay most of the spots with light green, to give it a few more shades of green on it. There will probably be some purple and white spots but they will hopefully not dominate the shirt anymore and give it in exchange some contrast. I actually have high hopes for this shirt.


On another note. I also did 3 more shirts that day. Two t-shirts and one shirt. A dark blue and dark green combo for another friend of mine, a button shirt that I had a for a while but didn't wear for some time so I wanted to experiment with it a bit, and a special t-shirt I did for myself. One I wanted to do for a while now. It was a white t-shirt with a pre existing Sci-fi design (photo on the right) printed on it by the original company. I liked the design but the white shirt was not my style. So I decided to play with it. I'll be seeing in a few days how it all turned out. I'll probably try to wash it in a day or two when I get the time.



For this button on shirt I do not have high hopes. So my instinct is telling me it will not turn out satisfactory. But that will not be a problem. I have already something in mind that I will try to pull of. The problem is that I don't know the material composition of the shirt. It's an older shirt and the paper that lists the material is nowhere to be found on it. So I can only guess and hope. More of it in my next report.

What I'm smoking?


I don't know. It's a good smoke and it helps me focus on my task at hand. It does make me foggy minded a bit but it also doesn't let me forget what my task was. It helped me go trough 3 t-shirts and one button shirt in one day. Currently my record in how many I can make in one day. They will probably not all end up perfectly but thats life. I'll just modify them more. Till I get a satisfactory result.


Wanna play a game?

Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking. Here is a little game for you guys with a nice little price. I will award with 50 smoke the first person that can guess which Iconic Sci-Fi character is on the shirt.

#tiedye #smoking #cryptosmokers #cannabis

-----------The End-----------

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Great stuff man, i wish one day i will get a hand signed shirt from you :)
Just one day.... :))

I did like the shirt with the white spots...though green is always a winner ;)

My guess for your contest is Darth Vader ;) just because i am in "planet destroyer" mood :)

Keep up with the tie dye! Thanks for the share.


Thank you. ✌️ One day sure when I get it more up and running.
It didn't look that bad but trust me, there was a spot with too much white. Not even my roommates liked it.


Ok I believe you ;)

You know better...I would probably just stay with the white shirt until it gets grey/white shirt with holes and then just recycle it to baby puke cleaner or something even more glorious...

You make art out of it...thats awesome!

Yoda ?


He sure is an icon. If he is the one or not you will find out. ✌️ In my next post. 😁

Space Shrek. Nailed it 👍


Hahahaha nice try.😂 Who knows 🤷‍♂️


Honestly, right now, I more wonder about the fact that your guy uses tin foil? Maybe you should have a little chat with him? I mean, it is of course super practical when you need to defend yourself against energy weapons ;P … but it destroys the planet and some of its beautiful people. Other than that it's simply not that useful i think.


"....super practical when you need to defend yourself against energy weapons..." LOL


also dangerous for cats …


HAHA, poor cat :) though he should not be climbing where he is not allowed :))


Who knows. We will find out 🤷‍♂️

I'm not a fan either but it hides the smell. I already told him and even give him some old baggies. His thing. He's out of baggies again. .

Hi @zuculuz, I liked the green color .. ARTFX J ..


Hi 😁Thank you. Isn't that a figure and action figure manufacturer?


Yes, for sure.

Welcome back....It's been a while since you last posted


Thank you. Yeah, a lot of things to get done so I don't have the luxuri of working on a post that much. But I still lurke around, upsmoke and comment.

Everyone seems to like the Star Wars guesses, so R2-D2


Nice attempt ✌️

Incredible Hulk


Hahaha we will see ✌️

Great contest. I appreciate your contest.


Thank you ✌️ you should join in.

Mia Khalifa ;)


Hahahaha se might be an icon but definetly not a Sci fi icon. 😂


She can make things disappear. That is pure sci-fi stuff


Her powers are capable of committing genocide and her second power makes her fell no pain when she falls on her tit... I mean breasts.

Awesome post and the contest too.. My entry Green Lantern! :)