TRY'OR'DYE Smoke Session + CONTEST results

5 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

It has been a week since I made the last post about my TRY or DYE sessions where I have done my biggest session. Making 3 t-shirts and one button shirt. The wait for the shirts to be done, washed and dryed has been grueling on me. I had never done so many at once in one day. But I wanted to see how far I can go right now. I honestly wasn't sure how the results would would turn out in all of them. As 2 of those shirts were experiments for a new technique I came up with. But that technique still hase work left to be done on it. As I like to salvage failed experiments I added an extra color later on to attempt to fix it. There was also another shirt that I knew results of as I had done such on more then one occasion and had that technique mastered a bit more. The problem with trying out new tiedye techniques is that if you are not an already seasoned veteran in it and have a more developed foresight for the end result, you have to generally wait till the shirt is finished to see how that technique turned out. So let's see how these turned out. In the last post I have also hosted a small contest for 50 smoke, which I also will be addressing later on.

Single Button Shirt

I had this button shirt for a long time but rearly wore it. So I decided to exoerimtn with it. In the beginning I had my suspicions that this shirt is not a 100% cotton or any kind of biological material. Like hemp for instance. I was unable to find the paper that lists the materials. But it felt more arteficial under my fingers then most of the things I dye. But I dyed it anyway. Just to see what would happen. My suspicions came true. As you can see by the faint and pastel like color on it. The shirt is most definitely a cotton-polyester blend. I guess my foresight for the end result is getting better. I was going for a tint drop like design on it at first but I will be doing some modifications on it. Probably go for a different re-design with a stronger and darker color. To make them stand out more. I will probably use colors such as black and midnight blue. A nice mixture of blue and purple.

Blue-Green spiral

This shirt came out as expected. A success. There isn't much to say about this shirt. It's for a group of shirts I'm doing for a few friends back home. This spiral is a more easy spiral designs out there. One of a few. I didn't want to experiment a lot on this one as it's for one of my closest friends. I didn't want to take the chance of having it be a failure on the first dye and in need of fixing.

Green Spiral

This shirt was also a failed experiment. One had to try salvage once already. I wanted to test out a thought I got. To see how it would turn out. Unfortunately the first and second try were also a miss in my book. It did fix the first mistake but I'm still not haply with it. Especiay because it was also a shirt I was doing for a friend. But now I'll have to make another one for him and do again this shirt. For the third time. This will be the first time I have fix a shirt for a second time. Let's hope that third time is the charm.

Iconic Shirt

As mentioned in the beginning, in the last post I made a small contest.

Wanna play a game?
Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking. Here is a little game for you guys with a nice little price. I will award with 50 smoke the first person that can guess which Iconic Sci-Fi character is on the shirt.
Basically I wanted someone to guess the iconic Sci fi character on this shirt. There were a few entries. All of the interesting in its own way.
There were logical attempts like Yoda, Darth Vader, Hulk, R2D2 and Green Lantern, who all undoubtedly to a certain degree are all Sci fi icons. But is one of them this icon?

Then there was a bizzare entry like Space Shrek. Which is an interesting thought in it own right. I bet that if they made a Shrek in Space movie that it could become a big hit. Even if Shrek is technically set in a medieval time.

Then there was an outright bizzare entry like ARTFX J. Which is a figurine manufacturer company.

And last but not least. The most bizzare and the best of them all. Mia Khalifa. Whos "sparkling" personalities are most definetly out of this world. And probably defying gravity in one way or resting position or motion...bouncing. When they are bouncing.

End result

Unfortunately no one guessed right. There were some really awesome,funny and entertaining entries, but unfortunately none of them were correct. The character I'm talking about is the one and only E. T.

Yoda and Darth Vader were a pretty close shot actually. Why you ask? Well because there is a theory out there that E. T. is in actuality a jedi. A master of the force. If you look closely enough at one of the scenes in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace you can see three little familiar looking guys.

Called Asogians. They were were part of the Galactic Senate of the Republic. Which was a homage to Steven Spielbergs classic E.T. The Extra-terrestrial. That would explain E.T.s powers, like making that bike levitate in the famous scene.

Now what will happen with the contest? Simple. I have decided to raise the reward to 90 and send 10 smoke to each of the 9 entries.



What am I smoking?


It's probably the same strain I smoked last time. My roommate says he thinks it might be a Sativa. But I think its more of a hybrid as I don't feel that complete Sativa energy. Probably a balanced out hybrid. As there is an energetic feel to the high.

Thank you for reading and a big thank you to all those who participated in my contest.

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Bro, amazing spread of rewards!

Here is 100 smoke post-back so you can do another...

Shirts look cool. Too bad I cant give you clothes my roommate left for us. 3 bags 😶


Thank you. I'll do another small contest on my next post. If you can leave it somewhere when I come ill pick out some things I can carry with me. I learned travel packing techniques. I can probably carry more in my backpack then you think. 😀

"The most bizzare and the best of them all. Mia Khalifa. Whos "sparkling" personalities are most definetly out of this world. And probably defying gravity in one way or resting position or motion...bouncing. When they are bouncing."

😂😂😂😂 - thats all I can say on this matter

Awesome shirts man, very spirally :)

Thanks for the tip my friend, much appreciated!


No problem 😁 We'll they are bouncing. Hehehe Spirals are kind of that point you see creation and destruction at the same time. Especially the centers. And especially on some "perception enhancers".


I love them Spirals...Can keep looking at spiraling stuff for hours, for sure on "perception enhancers"....wink wink :)

Thanks, Bud ! :)


No problem ✌️😁

Amazing :D


Thank you. 😀

Thanks man! And great stuff to puff it up in the end.


No problem ✌️ I was hoping you guys liked it. 😁


We dint liked it.. We loved it :D


This comment sounds like it was written by Gollum from Lord of the Rings XD
We don't like it. We loves it! My precious.


Oh! Is it really .. haha!

I don't know why but for any reason I thought it must be a green character. I don't even know green lantern! :D

I love E.T. Watched this movie over and over again as a child, cried and laughed about it. E.T., the neverending story, Ronja Räubertochter, and Willow were my top favorite!

Thanks for the SMOKE. Gonna buy myself a telephone. An "ET Phone Home".


Hahaha I hope you like your E.T. phone. Yeah there were a lot of green entries hahaha Green Lanternnis a superhero from the DC comics. The same comics that do Superman and Batman. Oh ai know most of those you mentioned. Beautiful masterpieces.

Thanks man. Thanks for the Smoke. Keep putting more contests man. You are doing an awesome work.


Thanks for the compliment. I'll try to do them.