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4 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

What does TorD mean? Well it's simple. TorD stands for Try or Dye. But it also has a second meaning. Tord is an old Scandinavian name. Taking its roots from the names Thor, the God of thunder or just thunder and fridr which means peace, love or fair. So lously it can be translated into loved by thunder or peaceful thunder. Ever since I was a child I loved thunder and lightning. For me it was sacred, always. Every stormy evening I would look up into the sky and observe as lightning showed itself followed by thunder. Most kids were afraid of it. But not me. So you can imagine my surprise when I Googled TorD out of fun when I shortened Try or Dye to see if there is some kind of meaning to it. And there was. Destiny perhaps? Some would say yes and some would say no. For me? Perhaps.

But enough facts. Let's jump into the important stuff. Soon my vacation will start and I still have some t-shirts to finish before that happens. I kind of got lost in time and the days are getting closer and closer. I only have 4 free days left to finish the last batch. So I decided to play a game with you guys again. But that's for later on.

Green Spiral

Let's begin with this one. Forest green and bright green. Those are the two colors I used in making this one. Adding the colors in a pizza slice styled pattern. Which will bring out a classical tie-dye spiral design. This is actually a second attempt at a shirt for a friend. First one didn't turn out as good as I had hoped it would. So I had to re-do the whole shirt. Well, make a new one to be more precise. This one should turn out fine. It's a standard spiral.

Let's hope turquoise

Why the strange name? Well, because the what looks like bright blue should be turquoise. The other side is purple and the two little slices are forest green. The packaging says turquoise. This is one I'm making for my best friends mother who loves turquoise. But after I mixed and applied the color it looks more blue then turquoise. Let's hope it comes out after the washing as turquoise. If not, I'll have do this shirt again. For that reason I will be washing it a bit sooner then the rest to see what color comes out. Usually I like to leave them for 3 days, untill my next free days. So I can do it in peace. Since I work from morning till evening and don't like to hurry with the finishing works. And If the color does not come out as hoped I need time to buy another shirt and do it all over again.

Design Re-Touch

This one is something I have started to like doing more and more. Something I like to call Design Re-Touch. It's something I did with my previous E.T. shirt. I take shirts with pre-made designs and add more vibrancy to it. It gets more life and gets more interesting in my opinion.

Camouflage mode

This one goes without saying I believe. It's an attempt at a camouflage design. I put on 3 types of green color and some brown. I attempted to replicated camouflage designs. Unlike the others it's not a spiral design, but a wrinkled up design. I hope I put enough color on it to give it that feel and look. We will see.

Wall tapestry

This one is more of a table decoration then its a wall tapestry. When I bought this I wasn't aware of it being so long and so slim. But that goes also. The result should be something like two Spirals connected trough one specific color. Merging. Kind of what you would imagine 2 galaxies merging together to look like. It's a piece I'm making for someone as well. I like making these for people but the nerve wrecking wait makes it hard.


And now what most of you have been waiting for and probably the main reason some of you opened this post. The contest part. So let's begin with that. This time around I chose one of my older shirts. Something I made a few months back.


This shirt is a bleach style as you can see. It was an attempt at something that turned out like this.
The prize pool for this contest is 175 smoke.

psyceratopsb donated 100 smoke

I added another 75 smoke

When I first finished this shirt and showed it to my friends I asked them what do they think this is. There were 3 answers that sticked out the most. Those 3 answers are written on this sheet of rolling papers. I removed the answers with precision and skill in photoshop. Ok, it was paint. Sue me.


I put the answers in the order of uniqueness of the answer. From 1 being the one I found most surprising and unique and 3 being the most obvious. The rules of this contest are like this. If you can guess any one of those answers I will award you with either 100 smoke, 50 smoke or 25 smoke. Depending on which place the answer is from. To make it more fair everyone can guess only one time. If someone does write more then one answer their first answer will be the one to be taken into account. Also editing of answers will not be allowed for fairness to people who might see the contest later.

Same old shit


Once again. What am I smoking? Well it's the same old stuff. Recently he has had the same stuff every time. Don't know why since usually he had different kinds of strains. He doesn't say but I know it's the same since I am starting to develop a tolerance and that happens to me only if I smoke the same strain for more then a month. I'm actually getting a bit tired of it. That heavy Haze feeling in my head. But beggers can't be choosers, right? It's good stuff. I just wish I would get my hands on some good Sativa.

Thank you for sticking and reading. Good luck in the contest.

#smoking #tiedye #hobbie #cryptosmokers

-----------The End-----------

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Greetings how are you?

I think your friends said it's a marijuana leaf :)

"I removed the answers with precision and skill in photoshop. Ok, it was paint. Sue me." -- haha this is funny!

The first guess that comes to mind is of course a pot leaf...but as everybody else already said that.

I will go with a card from 'Rorschach test' that symbolizes a psychological need for some Weed! :))

I am 99% sure that thats what you meant :))

Great Contest . Appreciated.

Kinda looks like a cannabis leaf :)

I had stared the shirt for 10 minutes and after getting confused, I guess they said " Looks like it got sunburn"