The 5th companion has been chosen. 🎉Congratulations herbncrypto🎊❗

9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Ever since I came from vacation, my mind, body and spirit have been pumped up more then ever to live life and explore the possibilities. This last month has been especially filled up and busy non stop with my projects. One of them being especially important. And that is good. I like to keep myself busy while I'm still young. But that is for another post. This time I'm here to announce the 5th companion to receive the traveling weed book. The original plan was to continue the random picking of a winner trough But as there was only one entry, I will not be doing that. So on that note, congratulations @herbncrypto❗ You have been chosen to receive the book next. You can message me your adress on discord and I will mail it to you. You can find me under the members list in the Smoke group. If you are unable to locate me, inform me here and I will send you my discord ID. The username is the same. Have fun and enjoy it. I certainly did.


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