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9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Can you imagine a world without music? Probably not. Or it would be a pretty boring existence. Imagine going somewhere with a long road ahead of you and no playlists of your favorite artists, bends or compilations of your favorite music. Pretty grim scenario right? Well then we should all be glad that music exists. That sometime somewhere in the past someone discovered rhythmic noise making and was fascinated by it.

This is my entry to the Third Trippy Contest

I love music. And I love the artists that make my mind, body and spirit shake up and pump up. I love the goosebumps I get from the vibrations emitted from those pieces of art. The atmosphere that gets created just from playing it.

Music is a universal concept. Not just what you hear on your music player or on the stage. Everything in the universe resonates and creates specific vibrations that are often not heard by the human ear or are ignored. But they are there. All around us. Playing a constant melody.

My personal taste in music ranges in all sorts of directions. From rock, metal, regge, trance, tehno, rap and even unorthodox music like Indian mantras. What I like to play depends a lot on my mood, current situation, need or just if I'm on something like or just high as the sky. So here is a collection of some of my favorite songs and artists ranging trough a lot of genres.


I'll start with my favorite band and the first song I heard from them. I remeber the day when I heard them the first time. I was just out of high school and moved in with my brother. He was giving me a haircut that evening when Ratrace came on. (Ugliest f-ing haircut I ever had). I was fascinated by their style of music. A mix of metal, regge, rock and electro later on. I even managed to hear them live. Something that was my wish ever since that time I heard them the first time.

Horsman Coyote and Jah Manson - Belly of the beast

I love myself some regge like most stoners do. Our dear Bob might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear regge but there are planty of other good artists. Here is one piece I especially like. It sooths my soul.

Bridge To Solace - The dead and the unknown

Love myself some metal. Pumps me up. And no metal band pumps me up like Bridge to Solace. Don't know why Google classifies them as rock. As they are obviously some type of melodic metal. Perhaps it is a type of rock and metal mix. I don't know and honestly don't care so much. I love how they sound. And their amazing intro and outros from songs.

Eminem - The Way I am

One of the first three artists I remember listening to together with my childhood friend was Eminem. The God of rap. Someone who brought a type of revolution, a change to the rap scene. Growing up and listening to his lyrics was like one of the best experiences.

The Beatles - Lemon Tree

In all honesty I didn't know to put Pink Floyd or The Beatles here. Like them both and they are definitely high on my chill chart. Especially this song right here from them.

Pink Floyd - Coming back to life

I can't make my music list without actually not adding them. Pink Floyd. Everyone knows them. There isn't much to say that most people don't know. I love them in any situation and on anything. I listened to hours of their music when I took my first trip. It was a life chenging event. I love to listen to them when happy or sad. Especially this song that hits exacly in the spot where it should.

Jai Jai Shiva Shambho - World Hindu Chants

Not for everyone. Can't really call this music in the normal sense but it's still something on my Playlist that I play for myself from time to time. Mostly in the bath. Some people did tell me they like it because it's relaxing. It tend to sort of "clean me" after listening to it.

AMV - Colouring

OK I'm cheating again. Not directly a song but a AMV. Anime Music Video. They take a song and a bunch of anime or a specific one and blend them together to create an AMV. I'm an anime and manga fan. Always have been and always will be. And this simplicity, diversity and well remixed Umbrella song has been in my ear for years and years.

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself

Yeah yeah. I know what you must be thinking. But no. I'm not a beliber. In all honesty I sometimes get the kid for how he seemed in the eyes of people. It's not easy being a kid in showbiz. Especially the music industry. It's chews up and spits out the more adult and season people. Not to mention a kid that just wanted to sing for people. Not to mention those pasky paparazzi vultures. I never liked and still don't like his old music. But he's newer stuff is honestly not bad and pretty relaxing and uplifting. And he seems to have changed quite a lot since getting older.

Post Malone - Patient

A new star on the scene and you probably heard of him. I like his Rockstar lifestyle, I like his music and his character. Something new and fresh. Something unheard of. He has a spark that rearly any musicians nowadays has. A spark of true passion for music.

Talamasca - Day Dreaming

I love trance. I love love love. It's the music of my soul and my favorite music genre. And this is my favorite piece of them all. I love letting my soul run wild and freely on trance and trance festivals. It fills me with happiness and joy. Allowing my soul to be free and wild. If I'm on a trance festival I feel at home and if I get to eat something delicious then it's a plus extra of fun.

Rising Appalachia - Medicine

This groups is lead by multinstrumentalist sisters Leah and Chloe. Their music consists of genres such as world, soul and folk. A type of hippie music if you will. And I have been called a hippie on more then one occasion. Their music is unique and soothing. Truly for the soul.

I could list many more types of music that I enjoy. As said I habe an appreciation for a lot of music styles and genres. Music is something that has to be heard and can not be explained easily. Vibrations and frequencies. They are all around us. All we have to do is listen.

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Thanks for your contribution, @zuculuz.

Nice choice and great Slim Shady selection too. 👌

I enjoyed this musical journey Zuculuz. I dig the chants [:)] and the medicine video/music is beautiful and inspiring.......In da belly of da beast you can get no peace.... Cheers man 🔆


Thanks✌️ I tend to keep my musical options open for re-evaluation. You never know how someone might change their tune to be easier in the ear.

Skindred reminds me of System of a Down. The hard rock the drums and the way they harmonize. really cool.


Agreed. System is a great band.

Yes! Finally so much more content on the blockchain … I love it! Yes, everything is sound! You're so right! How come, I didn't mention it?! :D The Vedas say that the world started with om and that the ongoing om is the sound of this universe. If it would ever stop, everything would end …
Liked the reggae tune and thanks for your honesty. Who doesn't like some pop music from time to time? I have been to a Bieber concert once. Because my daughter was a fan. It was so weird. Crying girls, filmimg the whole concert, staring at Justin through their wet eyes on a blurry screen … definitely moved them in a way, that maybe after this fine contest, all of us understand a bit more. :)


Girls do love their Bieber. I never went and wouldn't go but his new tunes do tend to cheer me up.
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