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9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

First off I wish to apologize for my absences. I have been vacationing and having some fun. Going somewhere new, seeing a bit more of the world. Visiting some important people of mine. It's not fun to just smoke in one place. Isn't it? We all know how much joy and fun it can bring us to smoke some fine cannabis is new places with people close to your heart. I'm talking about boarding a plane, train, bus and going somewhere. Somewhere where one has not been before and smoke where one has not smoked before. This of my mini series "Close to the Heart".


For me, just the fact that I got to fly in an airplane was a new and wonderful experience. Never before have I been in an airplane. This was a new and exciting experience. I did think it would be more exciting then it was but nonetheless it was a fresh and new experience which I will cherish. Even trough I did sleep half of the flight.


If there is one thing I love about new places it's to check out their nature. Hopefully see some wildlife. Here are some photos of my vacation and a few places I was lucky enough to light up and enjoy the view infront of me.


This is one of many photos of very fascinating statues at a place called Victor's Way. Victor's Way is a meditation park housing pure obsidien statues made in the far east representing verious phases in our lifes. Build with the purpose for people to visit and meditate. It actually closed down once in 2015, because the owner of the park thought that the park received too many day time family visitors. Enjoy a few more photos of it.





Among other places we visited a small but nice botanical garden with beautiful flowers, lake park and I went for a stroll trough a natural huge park. I don't want to go into more detail in this post on it because I have it packed for a different post. My vacation will be addressed in more detail in that post.


I came to say my hello, I am alive and to make a small contest for all you smokers and tokers. As I said at the beginning of this post I have been visiting someone very close to my heart. Someone who has always been there for me.


I am the smoker in the red. But who is the toker in the grey? Who could it be? Well that is up to you to find out.
The first person to guess the user in the gif will be awarded 50 smokes. The reveal post will be posted after the winner has been found or if 7 days have passed. See you in the next post.

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Chaos Magick

A true master is an eternal student


Existence Observer

My brother. Check him out.

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Wow wow, you really had fun no doubt, love those pictures.

toker in the grey

Should be your bro @psyceratopsb don't know if am right lol


And here I thought I would have time till morning at least.
Congratulations. ✌️🎊
Please give me a day or two to write the post. I'll send you the Smoke right away.

It was really great time...hope to repeat it soon!

Awesome photo's!

Happy to see u back / Awesome statues, I am sure had great time.

@psyceratopsb your brother would be my first and only guess since it isn't me in the photo that you went to visit. LOL

Beautiful. I wish i could walk. I miss going on adventures. So sad

Well... glad to see you guys back here. And great to read you had an awesome time.

Great to see you back!! And I think @jessica is right!!