We got a winner 🏆 | BUSTED! - 760 SMOKE Prize pool!

last year

busted winner.jpg

Only one player replayed within the 48-hour time rule... Therefore we have a winner of the very first season of BUSTED!



Congratulations, I have just sent you the prize of 760 SMOKE! 🤯🤩

Prize Pool

The prize pool landed on a total of 760 SMOKE!

People that have donated to the prize pool:
@skylinebuds - 200 SMOKE
@arsenal49 - 50 SMOKE
@curationbro - 40 SMOKE
@xtetrahedron - 15 SMOKE

I also added half the payout from all of the past BUSTED! posts to the prize pool.

I plan to start up a new season of this game in the near future. Thank's a lot to everyone that joined in for the first season of this game. This turned out even better then I had hoped for! 😁

@cbdking @juanmitherobot @pawanregmi28 @legalize-it @trees @arsenal49 @a4illusionist @zuculuz @tecnosgirl @curationbro @chiraagnd @nosegrindstoned @wikileaksonweed @amberyooper @betgames @koh @geeadams @gr8fulmag420 @unnamed

Please consider voting for me as one of your witnesses.
You can find my witness announcement post here!

#busted #game

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This was fun, thanks for these awesome stories, @xtetrahedron. And thanks to everyone who played.

The ending was a little bit of an anti-climax but each end is also a new beginning.


Let’s seed BUSTED #2 with 420.00 SMOKE to begin with.

Thanks again, everyone and @xtetrahedon! 🤘


I was hoping for the longest time that at least one of the other two players would answer, so I could finish up this story a bit more...

Your donation towards the prize-pool of next season is insane 😵
Thank you for that!

Congratulations again with winning this game @unnamed. It was well deserved ☺


Good work should be supported. This is one of the best contests I’ve seen in two years on DPOS chains.

And I definitely couldn’t do better myself. Thanks for all the effort put in and hopefully BUSTED becomes a burner on Smoke.


That is such an awesome gesture! I love the giving community here on SMOKE.IO!


That’s overrated, @gr8tfulmag420. Awesome is they who organize these contests and the supportive community.

Giving back is least of all. Gotta keep the wealth, and fun, flowing. Always pay it forward.

Let’s see if end next year we manage 4,200 SMOKE prize. 🦇


I am looking forward to seeing the growth of not only this contest but smoke as a whole! Keep up the positive vibes!!

Congratulations to the winner @unnamed

Way to stay clean @unnamed!!!! Loved the game and am anticipating season 2😄


Thanks again for playing with us. See you around when the 2nd season is starting up! 😃


I can't wait!!! It's an awesome game and I enjoyed the storyline. Hopefully, those who participate next season pay attention to their instincts😎

Congrats to @unnamed - nice little christmas present! And Well done @xtetrahedron. Very cool way to engage people. Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks for all of your support @coffeebuds! I hope you will participate as a player in the second season 🤗


Definitely! I plan to join in.


Awesome! 😁

Congratulations to @unnamed!!! :)

That's one of the best Santa gift to you @unnamed . Congrats buddy!

Congratulations @unnamed!
It was fun playing.


Thanks for participating, and being both an awesome and dedicated player @zuculuz 😀


Can't wait for the next one. ✌️

  ·  last year

Wish I had participated more! Let me know if you want to expand, maybe have a website that features the game!


I hope to see you around for longer of the storyline in the 2nd season @koh 😉✌

snap (5).jpg
@xtetrahedron ON THIS GREAT GAME


I am looking forward to have you as a player in the next season of BUSTED! 🙂