Introducing #CannaTwitter. A Smoke-Promo Twitter Sharing Initiative by @CannaWeedness

3 months ago

”One of the best things about cannabis is the versatility of the plant the term”
— An unnamed marijuana smoking blockchain witness

For years platforms like eBay and Facebook have spent millions every year on advertising, bidding for pretty much every popular dictionary term in order to attract users. User acquisition is one of the most difficult, and most expensive, challenges for every platform.

Mobile games often spend $40/user and UAC (User Acquisition Cost) represents a huge chunk of the budget of teams wanting to hit an exponential user growth curve for their app (and site). Spending on ads and having users click those ads does not mean that the site visitor actually signs up or stays after joining or spends on IAP (In-App Purchase).

On crypto platforms with a rewards mechanic, like the SMOKE blockchain, we have an asset when it comes to retention... rewards.


That is not to say that rewards will do it for everyone. Not everyone is in it for the money.

Good luck converting a long-term Redditor to leave their preferred subreddit to become a daily Smoker. Or converting a FARKer. People often don’t like to leave the community they feel at home at. Don’t we know that here on Smoke?

Growth on Smoke has been slow, but generally everything is looking OK. Slow’ish OK.

Being a crypto-platform comes with different struggles than running a forum started by few buds (no pun intended). Yet, the platform is outperforming most forums ever started, many of which never achieve any user base and often fold again within the year.

Traffic and user acquisition is the wet dream of every platform, every website operator.


Traffic on Smoke is growing and, after a recent dip in activity, we are seeing an increase in activity and quality of posts again.

Generally, while we all wish to grow faster, considering the “legal status of marijuana” and the hesitation it may cause in people to sign up, also the horrible legal pop-up upon first visit, and other challenges... things are not looking bad.

Rather good even.

When running the blog network in the past I’ve spent much more on new sites, several of which we sunsetted after only 6 months again because they even didn’t generate half of the traffic Smoke generates. That despite being able to push those new sites through our own channels and often spending multiple thousands on ads in the first 3-6 months.

But, as a community we can do better here on Smoke. And we should do better. We should contribute more to growing both traffic and userbase of the Smoke blockchain.

Growing Smoke’s userbase faster is the task of each single one of us in a decentralized open-source community. We can promote the Smoke community, and its great content, better and definitely should promote it more.


Introducing #CannaTwitter by @CannaWeedness

After a long time, @cannaweedness has finally joined Twitter. Or rather, I have changed the name of my “for Smoke Twitter account” and have started to actively tweet from it. We now also are on discord.

Now we’re going to try to build social habits, on centralized social media. I know right, centralized social media... FaceFknPalm.

But it can but help Smoke grow faster.

For the next three months, @cannaweedness will distribute 1,260SMOKE/month among the most active Tweeple promoting Smoke content on Twitter. Starting... now.

The goal is as simple as evil: sharing the great content created on and posted to the Smoke blockchain with the cannabis community on Twitter, the #StonerFam.

Basic Rules

  1. Join us on on discord
  2. Drop your Twitter username in the twitter-profiles channel
  3. Follow @cannaweedness on Twitter
  4. Follow @smoke_io on Twitter
  5. Follow @smoke_indica on Twitter - yes, we are one big family
  6. Use the #cannatwitter hashtag when sharing links on Twitter

Why do I need to follow 3 accounts

Joking aside, Twitter visibility is complicated to nail and because of how its “reach” algorithm works, interaction is required. The more interaction we can stimulate across accounts, even dialogue, the more visibility our tweets will get and the more exposure Smoke gets.

  1. Exposure
  2. Link Clicks
  3. New Users
  4. ???
  5. $$$

Note: you can also share links. You do not need to share links exclusively. Decentralized content FTW! But make sure to use the #cannatwitter hashtag with each link shared.

Why do I need to use the #cannatwitter hashtag

I’m a stoner. I suck at chores and habits. No really, I do.

Of course, I’ve automated as much as possible and every new tweet with the #cannatwitter hashtag is pulled both in a spreadsheet and also shown in our discord (in a quiet channel, not in the main chat lol).

Laziness and automation FTW!(*)

Besides, there is no reason why over time we couldn’t grow a hashtag to become as active as the StonerFam tag. We are Smoke, we are blockchain community and we can move mountains. If not mountains... then let’s move SMOKE to new active members. :D

I am not active on Twitter/have only few followers

Not a problem. Just join us and let’s make sharing on Twitter an integral part of contributing to the Smoke community. Even new accounts or accounts with only few followers can achieve respectable reach.

By merely retweeting, @chiraagnd, has in recent days gotten 5K views/day with his tweets. No day passes or some of those retweets are liked or even retweeted. All that thanks to the power of hashtags.


Hashtag Tip

I know hashtag collections in a tweet can look spammy. They can even almost hide the link when used also with an image in the tweet. They’re definitely not my personal cup of tea but they do increase visibility... massively.

There are undoubtedly other hashtags to experiment with but I noticed that the collection of #cannabis, #marijuana, #weed, #cannabiscommunity, #cannabisculture have decent reach and get your tweets shown. Basically, those are the hashtags which brought all visibility to Binaural’s automated retweets. That's right, all his tweets are automated.

On days when I didn’t use those hashtags, the reach of the tweets used to be around 40% lower.

Other hashtags I regularly to share Smoke content on Twitter are marijuanagrower and growyourown for growlogs. And #StonerFam (but I am yet to see much interaction from the StonerFam, which may require more interaction with them first).

It’s A Habit Builder Initiative

Personally, I don’t believe in paying rewards for everything which is basic promotion and should be “innate” for every content creator. We have seen several active promoters step up in recent days already and, of course, @indica has been promoting Smoke content on Twitter, and other platforms, ever since he launched

Promotion, on social, is an integral part of creating and publishing content, art, anything online. The days that “you build it and they come” are over since latest 2003/04.

Twitter is currently one of the only platforms with scale which doesn’t yet deplatform cannabis(**) and we should try to maximize its reach by promoting the awesome content shared on Smoke.

The “habit builder initiative” is from this month until November 2019. Hopefully by then we have gathered an active crew of Tweeple and every day Smoke content is actively shared, liked, retweeted, and replied to on Twitter.

An initiative to kickstart Twitter (inter) action.


Let’s share great content posted to Smoke on Twitter and interact with the shares. Use the #cannatwitter hashtag when sharing links. @cannaweedness will distribute 1,260SMOKE/month (3,840 combined) to the most regular sharers.

Let’s make this happen and make Smoke visible to the world! 🤘

(*) Limited by the API limits of Twitter
(**) Not too often at least

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Good article. I also have to start posting here. Create some added value.
I also believe that it still takes people to check the Facebook and co. Shit are. Think this reward system will be the future. Everything in the beginning I think. A nice week to all smokers. :-) Greetings from hot Germany :-)


Facebook doesn't like cannabis. No day passes or people report on Twitter that Instagram and/or YouTube have deplatformed or demonetized them.

We are shaping the future. A future where people both earn and are in control of their own earnings.

Lets get the word out there. 💪


Twitter seems to be a safe haven for cannabis amongst the mainstream centralized social media platfors.


Yeah, seems Jack is a solid defender of free speech. Twitter was the last mainstream platform to nuke Alex Jones, and that only after SV had already ganged up on infowars.

I wanna support this. I hope you will succeed on this initiative.


Let’s make it happen! We’ve had some nice tweets with great interaction recently. We can [exponentially] increase that if we want to make it a reality.

Every post, every tweet is a contribution to the #legalizeit fight. No place is “safer” for creators than censor-free decentralized blockchain. Cannabis and crypto are the perfect marriage.

We need to, and will, get the word out about Smoke!

I'm in lets do this!

If anyone's looking for tweet shortcuts, check out the tweet buttons within each posts on it prefills the title, author, tags, and link 👍

Official “tweerson”—joined Sunday 👏 (thanks to @unnamed)
Let’s connect! Find me at...
Duh 🙄 😉

I have a promo post in my small fb group offering 4.20 Smoke to anyone new to join. So far I have only had 1 confirmed sign up but it's something. It's hard to explain to people who know nothing about crypto, let alone what a decentralized platform is all about.

Wicked information thanks for sharing cheers

Awesome, smoke has been gaining alot of impressions recently on twitter kudos to everyone making it a reality. All hands should be on deck, lets promote #smoke as a team 👍


Word up.

Good article and good idea on promo ,contest , Smoke naturally rises, usually slow at start then excels to clouds/moon , patience will pay off

Finally, this was/is much needed and thanks for the initiation guys.


Cheers. 🤘

Wanted to do this for some weeks already but first had to find an own flow in being consistent. Lead by example and all that jizz.


Jizz/jazz—what’s the


It makes a difference when done in pants.

We may need @daddydaycare2x’s assistance here to explain it in emoji tho. My emoji skills are still too lacking for that. 🙃


Jazzhands 👐 lead to jizzpants 👖


I think I need to go and queue some more #smokeio and #cannatwitter tweets.


Mmhmmm...go and “queue”

Had a very busy summer. Am getting ready to start posting again, never used twitter but it is time to get an account ready ;-)


Great to see you here again, mate. Was wondering already if that were your plants on that rooftop during the Vuelta.


LOL!!! poor guy, just now that harvest is almost there. But men, it would have costed him 100€ to have that rooftop covered with something, specially with such a pile of plants in the middle of the city