Finally: TrippyContest4 Winners Announcement

last year

Unexpectedly the month of April became an absolutely busy one for everyone at CannaWeedness and we I did struggle finding time for content and also for the monthly #TrippyContest. I have been curating but even that was on a lower level than normal. Here’s hoping that after a super busy month, I now have all time required — and then some — for Smoke again.

Last month’s TrippyContest was in collaboration with witness @coffeebuds and announced by CW member @Raz.

The superb brief, suggested by @coffeebuds, was a challenging one and to be honest we didn’t expect many entries because of how deeply personal the brief was.

Share in a post a turning point experience of your own life of something that has led you to be who you are today - reflect and most importantly, be inspired.

Aside from the usual @cannaweedness sponsorship, the contest was also sponsored by @coffeebuds, @cryptosmokers, and @lordoftruth who follows the rewards with an additional bonus.

You Moved Me

The topic, and @raz’s own intro post were definitely moving and highly personal. While the contest didn’t see many entries, the majority of the entries were highly personal and of an absolutely honest level.

Rather than judging the contest as we usual do with a Typeform ratings form, the judges — coffeebuds and the cannaweedness team — decided that given the level of personal honesty on display in the contest the three strongest contributions would equally share the pot, with the fourth participant receiving the value of the fourth prize.

TrippyContest4 Contributors

The participants to the You Moved Me #cannaweednesscontest were:

If you haven’t read the posts yet, I suggest you do so.


Not wanting to take away from @azizbd’s entry, we found that the other three contributions were of a totally different personal level and that would inevitably have displayed itself in any regular rating score. The latter which we didn’t want to do.

As such, we decided to split the pot — minus the rewards of P4 for @azizbd (135 SMOKE) — among the three other participants @mayb, @psyceratopsb, @zuculuz. The total split is 1,085 SMOKE, 362 SMOKE each.

The rewards will be sent out immediately after publication of this post.

Update: The rewards have been sent out.


In name of @coffeebuds and the team of @cannaweedness I once again wish to thank every participant for the effort and honesty contributed.

Your stories moved us.

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Thanks a lot and congratulations to all of us. I really liked reading every story! Thanks, @cannaweedness @coffeebuds, @cryptosmokers, @raz, @lordoftruth and @uhnnamed. I don't think I'll ever miss one of your contests. Was a pleasure.


Thanks for your contribution, @mayb. We will do our best to keep the awesome and challenging briefs coming.

Thank you lads. Always a pleasure to be part of your contests and earn something


Thanks for your awesome entry, mate. 🦇

Congrats to the winners!


Thanks for your continued support, @lordoftruth! 🤘

congrats to the winners and to you guys for putting this up!!!


Thanks. We try to hold a (hopefully) related yet inclusive contest every month.

The will is there, the briefs don't always come as easily as it may seem. 😂

Congratulations to the winners!


Thanks for being you! 🦇

Congradulations to everyone who won and participated.


Thanks for your contribution, your continued participations. You all rock and make these contests a true thing. 🦇


Thank you. I love those trippy contest you guys make.

Sounds like I missed an awesome contest, but April was busy af for me as well. Congrats to the winners.


The day you participate to one of our contests, I throw in another 250SMOKE to celebrate the occasion. :)

Additionally there was much going on around 420 too, and somehow it was difficult not to conflict in contest timeline.

I do think though that most TrippyContests are right down your alley. Maybe the second one (politician for a day) slightly less.

Looking forward to see a contribution by you some day. Yes, I know... that comes from me who barely ever participates to any contest myself (because I want others to win).


I rarely participate in any myself for the same reasons. LOL And I am a history buff so I might surprise you with my knowledge about politicians, I been approached by the leaders of all three of main political parties we have locally and they each have asked me to run for office after having a short chat with me about politics. I always tell them no, as I like my privacy.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners.. cheers! :D