Announcing the 500 SMOKE TrippyContest

2 years ago

As mentioned yesterday in our Introducing @Cannaweedness, Your Cannabis-first Witness post, we support cannabis related content and creators.

In order to further reward, and instill great creations, @Cannaweedness will regularly operate contests around the green we love. Because we believe in creating and supporting the strongest network possible, Cannaweedness will also look for collaborations with other witnesses in its initiatives.

Today is the time to announce our first #cannaweednesscontest, brought to you in cooperation with @betgames, the #TrippyContest.

“I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years.”
— Hunter S. Thompson

One of the Cannaweedness 7 tenets is “Respect your inspirations”. As a wannabe author, who loves some hyperbole, straight talking, and more so even great grammar and linguistic skills it is difficult not to like the master gonzo journalist, and novelist, Hunter S. Thompson. And, of course, also because of his great trips and substance use.


Hunter S. Thompson notoriously didn’t only love marijuana. While not everyone may love reading as much as the other - or maybe in 2019 it’s the other way round - most here will have seen “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, others may also have seen “The Rum Diary” which was an awesome commercial for reading, while others may have enjoyed “Hell’s Angels” or even “The Curse of Lono”.

There’s much to like about the master of gonzo.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a ride!'”
— Hunter S. Thompson

The #TrippyContest, Jan. 2019

To participate in the contest, write a post about a “trippy experience”. The post, true to Thompson tradition, does not need to be about marijuana but can also be about a trip on #psychedelics or other substances.

We want to hear, read your great stories independently of which substance you were on, as long as it fits in the focus of the SMOKE network. It can be a great memory on shrooms, a peyote trip - oh, I’m looking forward to read those -, good or bad, or any other substance. Maybe an awesome LSD trip?

Alcohol based trips... they’re second door on the left though, we don’t really care about those. Although if you had a great trip on absinthe... You get the gist, right?

Image by Steve Treare on Medium

Because not everyone is an author, we decided to make this writing contest more “inclusive” and also open up to more artistic creations. If anybody feels compelled to tell their trip like this epic IKEA stories Medium contribution... the SMOKE network is looking forward to it and we want to see your story!

Maybe comics are your thing. Maybe you like to comixify movies.

More so, we even open the contest to all creators who have not yet had the experience of a great trip, but who have an inner Hunter in them and can create great stories.

I haven't found a drug yet that can get you anywhere near as high as a sitting at a desk writing, trying to imagine a story no matter how bizarre it is, [or] going out and getting into the weirdness of reality and doing a little time on the Proud Highway.”
― Hunter S. Thompson

If you think you’re up for it, we look forward to your creations!

The first TrippyContest is inclusive and open to all kind of topically related contributions.


Contributions will be subjectively judged by the @betgames witness and @cannaweedness teams. Total scores for each contribution will be tallied, highest score wins.

We have not specified any particular judging criteria because we want to leave creativity free roam for this contest.


The three contributions with the highest scores will be rewarded with additional liquid SMOKE, beyond all rewards a contribution may receive from Smoke members upon publication.

1st place250 SMOKE
2nd place150 SMOKE
3rd place100 SMOKE

TrippyContest Jan. 2019 Rules

  1. All contributions must be original
  2. Contributions must be published as apost on your profile
  3. Contributions must be at least 700 words long (or a reasonable length in “frames” for creative contributions)
  4. Contributions must be in English
  5. Contributions must be tagged #trippycontest and leave a comment with a link to your contribution on this post
  6. Fiction contributions must be marked as such
  7. Deadline for submission is Friday, January 11, 2019 at 0.00 GMT

Winners will be announced on Monday, January 14th, and receive their prize sent to their Smoke wallet.

One More Thing

We live in a blockchain world, a world made possible also thanks to the awesome spirit of open source. While we do not want to force anyone, we hope that each contributor remembers that much of what we do here on the SMOKE network, and online, wouldn’t have been possible without people openly and freely share their work. As such we hope each contributor will take a moment to consider how they license their creation. Personally, we do believe in the spirit of sharing openly and favor generous licenses such as the attribution requiring CC4.0 (Creative Commons 4.0) license, or even the WPTFL.

Choose freedom!

@betgames witness and @cannaweedness, as well as the whole Smoke network look forward to your #TrippyContest contributions.



Consider voting for cannabis first witnesses. Each vote matters and is thoroughly appreciated. @betgames and @cannaweedness are proud signatories of the @witnesscharter.

You can cast your witness vote here.

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Thanks for setting up @Cannaweedness and creating #TrippyContest and for collaboration with @betgames.

It is great move and awesome contest !
I am sure that your contests will help the quality growth of articles posted in Smoke Platform !

Keep the good work.


Glad you like it! Thanks! 🤘


As you know I wrote with difficulty. I hope that I can find a good solution to calm my Essential Tremor soon, to can participate.


Dictation (voice to text)?

Hope things are better for you soon and you soon are feeling more stable again. I can not imagine how your days must be right now. Hang in there!


Thank you for nice word.
This is Smoke : Peace & Love & Hope !

Wow, what a great idea and initiative.
I'm looking forward to read what kind of stories people will share. The trips I've gone through are really hard to put into words. Nevertheless every trip is a lesson. Psychedelics can open new doors in our consciousness and lift our spirit. Kill the Ego!


They surely do, psychedelics.

I actually thought about whether it would be possible to meme one’s way through a trip. Thanks for the appreciation of the initiative. We are all looking forward to read great stories. 🦇

On man I can't wait to see how these story or comics or who what turn out. I bet we get some dam good storys about peoples trips tho.. Maybe Just Maybe I can write one on my first time getting high on mushrooms


Share it with the community and the world, mate! 🤘

Looking forward to read all the amazing trippy story articles that’s going to be published in this blockchain forever! It will be fun!

Irrespective of whoever wins, All participants will receive upvotes from @betgames and @bgw as a token of appreciation for producing quality content
(Please make sure to follow the rules as mentioned in above article)

And @unnamed regarding

[ imagine @betgames banner here ]

Lol 😂😂😂😂 top class 😄
I will create a banner for betgames and send it across to you tonight (though I’m not a great designer)


Glad to have both of you on board in this, @bwg and @betgames. 🦇

This will be awesome.... I did a digital painting that reminded me of Hunter S. Thompson this morning. .... the leaves turned into his hat.


Love the “sunglasses”.

This has been the most interesting contests :) Thanks for this. Here's my entry :)

I love the idea of such a contest. I am totally in. This will be awesome.
Here is my entry:


Thanks, mate. Much appreciated and accepted contribution!


Writing is one of my hobbies. I suck in grammer but writing was one of the 3 things I always loved doing since I was little. Writting fanfiction since middle school. Video editing,photo editing and writing are my 3 original passions. So to be given a chance to write up my experince in story format was a good opportunity to strech again.


Same here. I’ve evolved to the point that I say that at heart I’m a writer.

Grammar? I read great authors, especially authors who can write an awesome narrative. Think Rolling Stone, Esquire longform. I’m also a fan of several of the sports journalists at the Guardian, and of course the brilliant Jay Rayner. When I grow up I want to be 10% as awesomely skilled as he is. It is amazing to see the impact of reading on writing. Nowadays I barely dare looking back at my first attempts of writing in English, sometimes around 2005.

Glad you enjoyed the opportunity. We will try to make a monthly contest series, geared especially at longform and/or creative media.


That would be epic.
I dont follow any specific authots myself. But my favorite is JK Rowling. Because she wrote Harry Potter. I want to write one day such a book myself. Its not excaly a dream dream but I would feel a little bit more whole is I menaged that.

Beautiful initiative!🌿🌿🌿


Thanks, mate. Much appreciated! 👊

Oh man! I've got some tripped out trips that we could buckle down the hatches for


Oh you piqued everyone’s curiosity there!


Remember to submit your entry to be considered for the prizes.


Thanks, highly appreciated. We will most likely do a mid-term roundup post soon already to increase visibility for the contributions received already.


Good idea...I will resmoke this post. When you plan to post new one? I resmoke now.


Some time Monday so it’s almost halfway in.


Thanks, much appreciated!


In the late eighties/early nineties my parents owned a Austin Princess car,for those that haven’t seen or heard of these cars they are quite large and resemble a huge wedge of cheese.My friends and I affectionately nicknamed it Sherman.
I asked if I could borrow it one afternoon as my vehicle was out of action for some reason or another.No questions asked my Dad throws me the keys,unknowing to him that Sherman had notoriety as a smoking wagon.
My friends and I loved that car for what she didn’t have in looks and style she certainly made up for in comfort.The front seats were like armchairs that fully reclined still leaving ample room in the back for a roller disco or at least plenty of room for 3 to skin up and enjoy.
After picking up 3 friends we headed off to a nearby golf course where we had a quiet secluded location on the cliffs looking out over the English Channel that was our favorite spot for getting stoned.Back then most smokers would smoke hash or occasionally seedy grass.
So we all pulled out our gear and started skinning up.
‘What is that smell’I said,my friend replies ‘it’s skunk,Chris brought it down from London,He’s growing it in his cupboard!,try it’.
A M A Z I N G,after trying it the green bus had arrived for all of us,heads tilted forward and not a word was said for about 20 minutes before someone pipes up..FUCKME THAT STRONG!!that was an understatement.After another one a few hours had passed and it was time to go.So we opened all of the windows,let the clouds of smoke out to try and straighten up a bit and get rid of the pungent smell so my parents wouldn’t suspect,we turned up the music and headed back.I said I will take the long way back through the private estate so I can have time to clear my head.
I was driving so slow that one of my friends said ‘it was like driving miss daisey’ so as I came around the gravel corner I double dipped the clutch,wheel spun and started to lose control so I turned the steering wheel the other way and realised I was even more out of control and was heading towards someones private garage so I turned the wheel once more and as I was snaking down the gravel track at speed I hit a large curb with recently felled trees behind and somehow we took off,the car being wedged shaped was airborne and what seemed an eternity and in slow motion and then all we could hear was the screaming of the engine where I still had my foot on the accelerator but had come to a stand still 3 meters high in some trees.
As I took my foot off the accelerator and started to process what had happened one of my friends said I can smell petrol,it’s gunna blow!,in shock we all opened the doors and realized how high we were(pun intended)and parachuted to safety or at least jumped down.
Someone from a nearby house who’s garage I had nearly taken out came running out to see what was happening and was amazed to see an Austin princess 3 meters up a tree as were we.
The man went back to his house and phoned a recovery truck and a taxi for us and when they arrived the drivers also were amazed at the height we had reached!.
The taxi dropped my friends off one by one and finally me.I was shitting myself at the prospect of telling my Dad about what had happened.I took a deep breath and went in the house.
‘Dad,there’s no way in sugar coating this,I can only tell you in the way I know how.....I have written off the car!’.I shut my eyes tight waiting for a clip around the ear but nothing,I opened my eyes and he said ‘have you been on that wacky backy again..don’t expect to borrow the next one’and with that he turned around and carried on watching the football and nothing was ever said about it again.
A tip of the hat goes out to you Dad for being so cool!.


Hi @mellymel,

Thanks for your contributions. Please post them as Smoke posts and edit your comments here to just link to the entries. If you want to add images to your posts, you can check out Pixabay or Unsplash to find royalty free images.


Ok thanks,as you can tell I am new to this! But have been into our future..blockchain for a few years.
Nice to have a platform like this for us older heads to share some of these things from the past.


No problem, here to help.

If it are stand-alone posts we can promote them better during the contest and chances to earn rewards from other members are bigger too. Please make sure to use the #trippycontest tag for each participating contribution.

Welcome to!


Thank you,I feel welcome here already rather than a social outcast like so many people around me think I am because I don’t accept the so-called NORM!!.

Awesome contest and generous prizes, I will look forward to reading all the entries, It should be fun reading the stories. I would like to thank you and the team for everything you do, bong on bro. :-)


Thanks, mate. Glad you like it! I had some liquid SMOKE so thought better to do something good with it which benefits the network.

Joking aside, here’s hoping to have enough creativity to organize a monthly contest which bring great creations to the network. Parts of the contest posts’ rewards go the participating witnesses to improve their curation efforts. Gotta keep the juice flowing. 🦇


Yeah I think a monthly contest could grow into something special, it's a great idea. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)

I have the first edition Graphic novel they just released maybe 4 years ago. The artist sign it for me, Its too cool. So It's exact book, By hunter s. Thompson just a graphic illustrations to go with it! the artwork is so cool! Like a comic book.


That sounds awesome. I think I may be slightly jealous about that. 🦇


Excellent idea! I look forward to reading the contributions


So say we all! 🦇

A Day at the Beach.
It was late September 1987 and and I had passed my driving test about 6 months before.I had bought a mk3 escort 1300 after passing,upgrading from the mk2 escort I had learnt to drive in.
Back in the day those who had passed their driving test and had a car would meet up down the local car park,hang around,chat and a few of us would have a cheeky joint,occasionally we would have to drive out of town to score usually red seal,leb occasionally gold seal but I digress.
This one particular evening my friends and I got chatting and the conversation went from Ganga to magic mushrooms and how they were ready now and if we could get over to the CAT and CUSTARD pub between Dover and Folkestone on M.O.D land,close by there were fields of them ready for us to harvest but we had to get there before the frosts kick in.
Right then, settled,we meet tomorrow morning here in the car park 6.30 am,leave your cars and I’ll take mine and we will hunt!.Myself and 4 other heads were on a mission.
It took about 30 minutes to get there and as I remember we were all very excited about the prospect of picking and consuming our own shrooms for the first time.
We parked up at the Cat and Custard public house jumped out of the car eagerly,climbed the fence and started looking for our prize.It took 10 minutes to find the first cluster and then we were away.The main question to start with was ‘is this one,what about this’ and answer was the Same,yes but make sure there aren’t anymore around it as you can get mushroom blindness!WTF.As we giggled and shouted out to each other on how many we had (hundreds each was the answer to that one)one friend said ‘what is that there on top of the hill,it looks like someone is about to shoot us haha.’We all looked up at the same time and at the top of the hill there were soldiers with rifles aiming at us(we later learned they line up the sights on unsuspecting trippers)After all it was Ministry of Defence land.
Go,Go,Go,leg it we are going to get nicked.Clutching our bags of goodness and adrenaline pumping we got back to the car all jumped in and we were away driving back to our home town to brew up and enjoy what was to come but not before having the paranoid discussion of what if we get pulled by the old bill,’don’t worry’one friend said ‘they have to be dried out not fresh to be arrested.It put our minds at rest a little until we got back.
We went into my friends house pooled 20 mushrooms each (100 in total)boiled the kettle and steeped the mushrooms for about 20 minutes and poured a cup each and with every mouthful one of us would say how gross it was but then we all had finished.
Is it working yet,
no but I feel sick,
let’s go for a drive down the beach I said but as I got out of the front door I threw up heavily but I wasn’t going to let that deter me.we all jumped in the car and l started to drive noticing my hand started to look blue and it was bending but I held it together for the 5 minute drive but as we got to the beach a friend said look ‘There’s someone walking on water as I looked and tried to make out what it was(turned out to be a windsurfer)I kept on driving and the front of my car went over the promenade wall and landed on the pebbles whilst the back was still on the prom.My first thought was fuck my car then as we all looked at each other shocked.We all burst into uncontrollable laughter in fact I became quite conscious of my laughter as I thought I sounded like a hyena and it went on forever.It was unstoppable now the shrooms had kicked and I had to work a way out how to get my car up from the beach but that would have to wait because there was someone walking on water.
After a few hours of being pretty messed up and a couple of dog walkers giving the car some strange looks as we tried to hide we noticed a pub opening up.Who is straight enough to call a recovery truck. I can’t remember what happened then but suddenly a recovery truck was there and driver saying what the fuck happened here.I made some ridiculous story up with my mates adding bits in to make it sound convincing but the driver new we were messed up.It was obvious by the amount of hyena laughing going on in between sentences.
Anyway to cut a long story slightly shorter he managed to pull the car out without to much visible damage and I must have paid him but I can’t remember that bit.I do remember us having a pint in the pub and then dropping my friends off at their cars,then going home trying to tense and strain my body to get it out of my system and then falling asleep.
I woke up what seemed like hours later but it was still only 4pm,brushed my teeth,picked my bag of mushies up and drove down to see my mates and the cycle starts over.
We would make the Cat and Custard excursion an annual event but every year one of the original 5 stopped going and someone new came until I was the only original one.
By the time 1991 arrived ecstasy was everywhere and I loved them and only occasionally dropped Acid tabs or a flint as we called them(looked like a small piece of lead from a pencil).
Look out I can feel another rush coming on!.
I am nearly 50 now and have a 10 year old son named......HERBIE.
You can probably guess what I do on daily basis.
Somebody once said to me that Cannabis was addictive.
I told them don’t be ridiculous,I should know I have been smoking it 30 odd years.

Oh this sounds like it could create some interesting content around here... nice!