Winner of Week 12 Roach Sunday is @relaylogix

6 months ago

We have a winner

Congratulations @relaylogix You have won this week's Roach Sunday Contest. You have won 4.20 smoke (check your wallet it is there) and you have won a playing cards. You have 7 days to DM me on discord your mailing address I am tecnosgirl#7681 on discord. If you don't find me check the spelling of my screen name there is no H. You will notice there is no video for this weeks winner as this week there was low entries. I don't know what happened but you all made it easy for @relaylogix to win. I know the winners love when that happen but I can't help but think that you all are still hung over from New Years Eve LOL



Want to win smoke and smoke related swag?

Normally I host two contests a week on average. Every Sunday I host #RoachSunday but I also host a Show me a Snap contest most weeks. So if you missed your chance to win this playing cards and smoke don't worry there are plenty of chances to win cool merch and smoke. Just check back every Sunday to enter to win and check back weekly to see what kind of Show me a Snap request I ask for next....Hint I currently have 1 hidden contest live and two other contests going on. so if you missed winning this, there are other chance to win, go scroll through my time line and open my posts to find out what you need to do to win one of these contests ends in less than 12 hours.

Till Next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff Puff Pass


Roach Sunday image created by @gr8fulmag420


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Congratz to the winner. These contests help promote the growth of smoke, nice job running them @technosgirl


I love the platform it is why I do them and I am gonna go have to claim that misspelling of my name lol so many people do that.

Awesome! Thank you! Until next Sunday..


Congrats I will be watching for your mailing address


Tried sending the address. Discord is blocking me.


Give me a few I will fix it

Congratulations @relaylogix!!! I hope to see you enter next weeks contest also!


Will definitely be there.