Winner of the Glass pipe giveaway is @relaylogix

last month

Last week I hosted a giveaway for a nice glass pipe

I picked up a grab bag at a smoke shop and it had some nice pipes in there that I knew that I would be giving away as I bought the grab bag to give the items inside away.



I chose a winner after putting the numbers to be drawn from. Number 2 came up and number 2 was assigned to @relaylogix. Congratulations @relaylogix on your win. @relaylogix please send me your mailing address again so I don't have to scroll through over a year of communication on discord for it.


This week has been extremely busy for me

I have had my best friend from out of state in town to visit, my nephew had his open house and we had 40 tons of rock delivered so we have spread and moved 40 tons of gravel this week. We need to have another 20 tons delivered to level out the widening of the drive way and to finish taking it up the hill. But now the space where my studio we will be sitting is now prepped and ready for it to arrive. And now we can currently park at least 8 cars when we getnit finish we will be able to get 9 cars in our drive way.




I have horrible lighting for photos in my house

And my photography lights are so bulky and a hassle to take out I rarely take the time to pull out my professional equipment buy once my studio is done I will take my bud out there to give the justice I have been wanting to give it but rarely do because it being a hassle to set up lights for a few photos. But it will be different when I have the lighting set up all the time in a dedicated space. I can't wait, till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring for the moment. And remember don't trust your government they are lying to us.



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Holy sheep shit! Too FuCkinG kewl!!!!!!