Weirdness contest

7 months ago

I was sitting here

Smoking a joint, surprise, surprise right? When I noticed that we hadn't ashed the doobie we are smoking. So I got to wondering how much could I actually smoke before the ashes fell off. Yep I accepted my challenge to see how much I could smoke of the doobie before the ashes fell off.


So it got me wondering

What kind of weird stuff do you find yourself doing when you are getting high? What kind of weird thoughts do you have? Share below what kind of weird stuff or thoughts you have while getting stoned. (1).gif

Hmm writing this has my brain turning

And I think I just thought of a new contest. Gonna pound out the details but I think it might be fun. But that is for another post on another day. Back to the weird things we do and think.

Share the weird thoughts and one of you weirdo stoners will get 4.20 smoke

This one I will be choosing personally and will not be'ing the winner like I normally do, which mean my best friend @gr8fulmag420 can not win this contest as if she won I wouldn't want anyone to say she won because of our friendship. But if she shares some weird stuff I will burn one with her later. Also everyone who makes me laugh with their weirdness will also get an upsmoke from me which depending on my VP can be more than the prize for winning story. Anyways lets gets some dialog going and get to know each other a little better.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Sometimes after I smoke (like right now) I think about how weird some different words are. Just saying the word over and over and thinking about how the sound you are making means a certain thing haha... idk I’m weird. Words are weird. Verbal language is hilarious when you think about it, it’s just a bunch of crazy sounds we are making as humans that certain groups of humans can distinguish and know what each sound means...


I sometimes think about how music is a universal language not only do people respond to it but so do animals and plants. I am planning on starting to expose my girls to some Classical music because plants do better when exposed to music.


just reading this i gotta say mixing up words and music led me into hip-hop, and i still listen to it a lot!

listening to big daddy kane - set it off and noticing how good it sounds this stoned with nobody about (so i can crank it up a little). Well, i for sure get freaky with my music when i got good smoke !!!!

I used to do the same thing with cigarettes when I still smoked them. I would get stoned and have a cigarette and see if I could get the ash to the butt, Lol. Thanks for bringing back some memories, bong on. :-)


LOL I use to do that when I smoked cigarettes too when I was really stoned. Too funny...

sometimes i'll make a right mess in photoshop or try 'dreamgenerator' (google it) ... so much i have had to delete with a 'stoneover' ;"]


LOL I love deep dreams I am a photographer and love to take photos and put them through the deep dreams to create art.

Sometimes I think about how the rules on sports and at work are the only structure in the world. I consider how many areas of life are not governed. At all.


School is another place where structure is used, unless you are lucky enough to be home schooled then you have parents that rock. But then eventually higher education means structure regardless. Now you got me thinking about the unstructured parts of life which is many thing but in many ways we have been trained that we all do things in similar ways in many aspects of life.

Well; i know i have thought of what it would be like living in my country if cannabis was legalized.


You and me both @dee010, I dream of the day and already have the business plan ready to go for when it becomes legal. I am ready to go into business as soon as it does. Hoping the Federal Government in my country gets it together and legalizes it sooner than later.

Since I smoke usually after work in the night, every time I see the moon I start to stare at it and think about how it could be artificially created by us to survive climatic changes :D

Last night before going to bed we smoked a joint as usual and began to philosophize. We come to the conclusion that: Everything is something! Just as we have put the chameleons in a terrarium, they have also been able to put us in a terrarium, called planet earth. Gaia! Something ... because we can not say someone, he has put us here. Where we are? According to Sagan the universe is infinite as far as we know, but we have our own location, taking into account as axis 0, the planet earth. We are a virus or a type of bacteria on planet earth. We are nothing ... that is our reality. Well, I hope you enjoy the smoke of conversation we had last night haha.

Sometimes i wonder what life would be like had GI JOE not saved us😂😂😂😂


We would have been popcycles

Sometimes when I smoke alone I tend to wonder of into the world of imagination. Imagining me in weird scenarios. My most recent one is a weird zombie apocalypse where weed helps to keep away the zombies. Like when you are stoned to the bone the zombies Ignore you because I'm so stoned they think of me as one of them and don't touch me. It's probably cause I'm a huge zombie fan.


you should start writing these fantasies down who knows maybe you will be the next Stephen King or something.


I agree. I would love. To write the next Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire or Lord of The Rings.

Sometimes most comments start with 'sometimes' Sometimes l get high with just a glass of coffee.