TopPuff Attachment winner is @flyerchen

8 months ago

Congratulations @flyerchen you are the winner of the TopPuff attachment

You have 7 days to DM me on discord your mailing address to claim your prize. I am tecnosgirl#7681 if you can't find me check your spelling. Any prizes left unclaimed will be given to a second place winner. So make sure you get that mailing address into me for your prize @flyerchen. You guys would be amazed at all those that enter these contest but never claim their prize. I hope @flyerchen isn't one of those as I love sending this stuff out to people all over the world.



So do you want your chance to win some stoner swag?

If so there is a hidden contest going on right now in one of my posts. Which one, well go through the last week and scan them and find it, the prize is a copy of the Stoner Stash Puzzle Book. And later on this evening a new giveaway will be going live. I am working on the details of it currently and should have it ready to go around 9 pm EST for those who like a little heads up.

Till next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff Puff Pass




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Man, I used to, I think we all have.. But I used to fashion a bong with a bic pen, water bottle. every time I see this I think, "why didn't I invent that!!!

Wonderful contest, i would try and participate in the new one.

I will dig into your posts to make sure I participate in the hidden contest.. Congrats to @flyerchen

Wow amazing. Thank you very much for the contest and drawing me as winner.
The Discord-Message is sent to you.