The Roach Sunday contest is back

last month


We are some where in season 2 of the Roach Sunday contest

When the CoVid-19 stuff happened I halted hosting contests due to pretty much everything shutting down. But things are starting to open back up and I don't get glared at for going to the post office anymore. So I am back at hosting contest and my favorite contest is the Roach Sunday Contest by far. If you don't know about Roach Sunday and it's tradition you can read about it here. When came about I shared the story and thought how great it would be to make a contest around it and hence the Roach Sunday Contest was born.

This season I am changing up what is required each week

Trying to make it fair for those who don't smoke doobie and only smoke out of pipes so they get a chance to enter too. The first season it was mainly so me your Roach Sunday to get entered. This season you will see that but you will see a lot of guessing games. Guess the weight of the Roach Doobie, guess the number of roaches in the Roach Jar to what ever else I can think up that has to do with Roaches.

This week I am wanting you to guess how many Roaches are in this Roach Jar

You can guess only once, if you edit your guess you are disqualified, I am holding the jar so you can see how big it is and also have take a photo of it in front of my laptop so you have scale. Put your guess in the comments below and the closest guess will win mystery smoke swag and 4.20 smoke. I have a draw full of smoke swag I will randomly pick out something from the draw for the winner.



So make your best guess

You might win some smoke swag and some smoke. Winner will have 7 days to DM me with a mailing address for any physical prizes or they forfeit their prize. Those who enter are responsible to check back to see if they have won. I will not hunt down winners. So if you enter check back next week to see if you have won. I am queenofsmoke aka tecnosgirl#7681 on discord. If I have you on my mute list (very few are on it) then you have been blacklisted from all my contests and giveaways and are not eligible to enter. I reserve the rights to substitute prizes for smoke if it is illegal to send the prize to the winners country (yes it is illegal to send certain things to places.) But do not ask me to give you smoke instead of a prize, the answer will always be no and you will be blacklisted from future contest, because I pay for this out of my own pocket to promote, I am not a rich woman, I can do these giveaways and contests because I have sponsors and am a deal seeker and get a ton of stuff free. I do not have an unlimited supply and the other reason is it is just RUDE. Yes I am putting this disclaimer on the Roach Sunday contest because too many times I have actually been asked to do that instead of sending the prize. Yes shipping is costly but I own a business and ship through it and use it as a tax right off. Contest ends June 7th around 9:30 am Eastern time.

A reminder that I joined Canna-Curate Radio come and listen

I joined the #canna-curate discord radio show as a DJ hosting the Roach Sunday Show on Sunday nights at 2 PM Eastern in Canna-curate discord in the GreenHouseRadioOnline come and grow with us and join me for some tunes and some cannabis related talk. It will be a hodgepodge of a show with some talk and a wide range of cannabis related music. So if you don't like what is playing stick around something will come on more to your liking, as I like pretty much all music. Every other Sunday a witness forum is hosted at 2 pm and I go on at 3.

Cannacurate GHRO.PNG

Till next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff, Puff, Bogart that shit and join me for Roach Sunday. As I fire up the first roach joint of the day and get baked.




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250 🤔

maybe 123 😁

420! Welcome back roaches?


You coming my way again? When you do yep we can do a welcome back Roach Doobies...


Hopefully that machine doesn’t break. Not that a joint sesh isn’t in order, I don’t want to go to that plant.


that bad huh? maybe another plant in the state then lol but actually my husband and I are going to be traveling to a few places over the next year who knows maybe we will make it up your way..

My guess is 60 😊💚

I say maybe it's 180?? It looks so close to that for sure!

It’s my first contest here but I’ll take a wild guess and say 150 🙈🙈

A lot!


lol yes that is true

300 :p