Solo cup update 8

6 months ago

It is time for another solo cup update

She has grown some additional leaves. And I finally have something new to report. I have flipped her and the other girls in the tent. I am so excited to see the changes that flipping the tent will bring. I flipped them on Monday so there isn't too much change yet but hopefully next week when I update we see some more changes. The issue of the yellowing was lack of water I increased the water and the yellowing stopped.



The 12/12 cycle

I decided I couldn't wait any longer to flip the tent though I wanted to give the solo cup another 6 days to give her a full 8 weeks of growth. But my big girl production is what truly matters. Yes I would love to win the solo cup challenge but getting good yields from my big plants is more important as I am hoping it will be some good cannabis and I won't have to go buy it anymore. So I went ahead of flipped after weighing the pros and cons of course.

For those who are new to my blog

This solo cup along with 4 other plants in my tent is my first grow. I have read a ton about growing and know a lot of methods that work for people. So I am hopeful the nerd in me gets me a great first grow as my very first veggie garden did. I researched a lot before I did that too. I know many think I should try LST (low stress-training) and I will on my second grow I feel I need to gain experience first growing sucessfully good buds before I risk trying fancy techinques. But I will try them eventually just not till I am comfortable.

I did add a couple of items to the tent

My mom gave me these bamboo charcoal bags they absorb smells she gave me some to use on a house we need to clean up but I have a good cleaner that will neutralize the smell and decided to try it in my tent to cut down on the smell leaking out as the room with the tent was starting to smell like some dank weed. I am happy to report with-in a few hours that smell went away. Considering I couldn't afford the filteration system this grow I am very happy to find this has worked to absorb the smell of the grow.


The second new item is a dry bag

We have all seen those tiny moisture absorbers that come in shoes and Tylenol. This bag is basically the same thing even though I have a dehumidifier after watering the humidity would jump to 80s and I would have to unzip the top of the tent to lower the humidity. This addition has stopped that. It is an Industrial Food Safe dry bag as it came from a food processing plant someone I know brought it to me as they throw them away after using the sugar. Seriously try to get you hands on one of these if you can't afford a filteration system that helps push out the humidity. The dehumidifer I have is fairly good except for right after watering but this add is making everything where I want it to be.



Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Looking really good!


Thanks I think they do too but being my first grow and all what do I know. LOL

No worries being your first grow, you will do fine. Looking good.

Those bamboo charcoal bags are awesome, have you seen these boxes, they work pretty good as well. I don't know how well they will do in the tent, Bong on. :-)



I am not sure and I get the dry bags free and pretty much can get them when I need them. The bamboo charcoal bags I have three of them I don't know how long each bag will last but the small one is doing a great job on scent control.

Good work

That's pretty ingenious and thrifty.


The things you come up with when your cheap. I am so thrifty and frugal it isn't funny.

Beautiful plants. Also thank you for the tip with the baboo charcoal.


I am thrilled that those work for smell control cause I really want to wait to buy a proper system for the next grow when I am not buying an ounce a week. Plus dabs everything else I make with those two ingredients.