Solo Cup Update 17: Harvest Day

3 months ago

So today I harvested the solo cup

Today is day 67 so that means today is harvest day. I cut her and she is now hanging up in the drying tent with the other girls that have been harvested. After cutting her sucker leaves off look at her, after she is dried I suspect she will weigh 6.4 grams (just a guess, I might be wrong) after curing I suspect I will have 2.3 grams or so of smokeable. But none of her is going to waste as the leaves will go into a tincture or butter. The roots and stalk will go to make balms and lotions. She might not be big but she has a higher purpose.




The updates on my journey with the solo cup challenge is nearly over with

I will have another update in about a week for the dry weight and two weeks later for cure weight then it is all over.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Nice job! I guess its safe to call it, @mjgeeks is the winner. Ill try to get a post up and decide on how much smoke will be sent.

Good job, that plant is growing beautiful :)

That's a tall plant

Cool, well done, I bet you can't wait to smoke that baby. I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Bong on. :-)