Solo Cup Update 10

3 months ago

It is that time for the weekly solo cup update

We are 16 days post flip. My solo cup girl is growing slower than the other girls in the tent but hopefully she keeps going and produces some amazing buds. I have heard that slower producers can make for some high THC content bud so hopefully that is what I get from her.



I did get some better close ups this week

Last week I had some issues and gave up with some close up shots. This week I had better luck.



For those who are new to my blog

This solo cup along with 4 other plants in my tent is my first grow. I have read a ton about growing and know a lot of methods that work for people. So I am hopeful the nerd in me gets me a great first grow as my very first veggie garden did. I researched a lot before I did that too. I know many think I should try LST (low stress-training) and I will on my second grow I feel I need to gain experience first growing sucessfully good buds before I risk trying fancy techinques. But I will try them eventually just not till I am comfortable.

Woke up today to no power

A truck hit the pole across the streetnand took our power and internet out. The power is back up but the internet is down till tomorrow. I was worried that the lights wouldn't be back on before the lights timer was suppose to automatically turn them on. Thankfully they got it connected 10 minutes before the timer was suppose to turn them on. But that was high stress worrying about the light cycle getting messed up.


I am still in it

Not out yet which kind of has me a little surprised. As I don't have the experience that other growers have with this plant. But I do have experience growing other things and I am a researcher. I research the crap out of things I am going to do and read everything I can about it with the understand that conditions can change things and what works for some doesn't work for others. So if I am not doing it your way it is okay there are more than one way to do things. Am I going to make mistakes yes but I am figuring out what works for me. I might take some tips and might discard some. I might revisit discarded ones if what I try doesn't give me the results I want but so far so good. I am going to keep doing what I am doing because it is working.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Bummer about the power, hopefully it comes back soon!


The power is back on the internet is not back on yet they are sending a crew out tomorrow to fix it. Thankfully my mobile plan gives me 10 GB of hotspot a month so I can still use my computer.

I definitely wish you a fruitful harvest with a lot of THC.
But it looks pretty good.
Judging by the light after Growst you with LED.
I rarely managed to get good pictures.
That with the current is of course annoying.
Good luck for your babies

Looking good, sucks about the internet just watch using data the pc don't update and take it all and than you will be charged out the ass for over data😀


I am with a prepaid phone service so I don't have to worry about overages. We have 4 lines on the plan for $100 a month unlimited talk, text, data, 10 gb of hotspot data and Amazon Prime with our plan.


Wow lucky you. I pay 85 for 10 gig and wife is 75 for 7. We get over charged here in canada


Try to get Metro PCS to come to your country they are not far just over the border I can get an additional 2 GB for $5


Yeah we have stuff in big citys but my city is shit with a shit mayor

I loved being without power some weeks ago. For three days. Got a little cold in the end, but I loved how people started connecting in the streets, forming networks to share ressources, etc.

Well and as for your beauty as for energy: "good things are worth waiting for." :)

It's coming along nicely, looks pretty cool thanks for the update, bong on. :-)