Show me your Roach Sunday Contest Week 13

last year


It is Roach Sunday

If you are a regular reader you know that it is time for the "Show me your Roach Sunday" contest. Two winners will win 4.20 smoke each. Thank you to all my readers who have helped Roach Sunday become a popular tag. With your help Roach Sunday will trend on Sundays. Read carefully I changed things up this week. Why? Because I can and it is the 13th of the month and the number 13 and I have a special connection.

Check out the origins of Roach Sunday

If you want to read about the church and how the Roach Sunday tradition started you can find the post about it here it is more than a contest that I am hosting, it is sacrament.

All entries will receive an upsmoke

But only two of you stoners will win 4.20 smoke

How to enter There are two ways to enter but you can only enter once

You may do a post if you would like and link your entry but YOU MUST Upload YOUR PHOTOS OR EMBED YOUR VIDEO OR GIF into the comments for your entry to be valid.

You can make a video showing me your roaches


You can take a photo with a piece of paper with your username and today's date and a photo of a roach or your roach collection.

Bonus Prize

Since this is the 13th Roach Sunday I have hosted and it is landing on the 13th of the month one of the two winners will also win a mystery swag item. Once the winners are picked there will be a second drawing for this mystery item. Winner will have 7 days to claim said mystery prize or it will be awarded to the other winner.

Here is my Roach Sunday as an example of what you need to show.

You don't have to show both a roach collection and a roach but I need to see one or the other.

roach sunday photo.png

This is a 24 hour contest

Contest ends at Midnight EST 1/14/19 in approx. 24 hours. As this is a ONE DAY ONLY, weekly contest for 4.20 smoke with occasional physical prizes. So show me your Roach Sunday for your chance to win. If you didn't save any roaches this week save them for next week for your chance to win. Or twist a doobie up smoke it then pack the roach in a bowl problem solved. No reason not to enter this week with all the ways to enter...

Till next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff, Puff, Pass and join me for Roach Sunday. As I pack up the first roach of the day and get baked




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Look what I smurfed out!


Roaches of a bit of Vanilla Kush, some of my own brand... Great mixture.

I found #roachsunday in week 12, I won't miss it unless'n I'm out! Props and good crops to @tecnosgirl for a great contest!


The smurf is awesome and for it to be Papa because my kids call my one buddy Papa Smurf.


Love the smurf.


You have been assigned number 1 for the drawing



joining this week, gonna try to try again every week!


you have been assigned number 2 for the drawing



you have been assigned number 3 for the drawing