Roach Sunday Contest Week 34: Guess the weight

last year

So from now on each month is going to have a rotating theme

For June there has been a guess the weight of the roach doobie. Basically I am gonna rotate how I run Roach Sunday each month so more people will join in on the fun. In July we will go back to showing me your roach Sunday. But this month you just have guess the weight of the Roach Doobie for your chance to win a mystery prize and 4.20 smoke.



How to enter

Comment below your guess.
The person closest to the correct weight will win the mystery prize and 4.20 smoke. You only get one guess. You may not edit your guess. All entries will get an upsmoke. So everyone wins.

This is a 24 hour contest

Contest ends at Midnight EST 6/10/19 in approx. 24 hours. As this is a ONE DAY ONLY, weekly contest for 4.20 smoke with occasional physical prizes. So guess the weight of my doobie for your chance to win. Winner has 7 days to message me their mailing address or they forfeit their physical prize.

A reminder that I joined Canna-Curate Radio come and listen

I joined the #canna-curate discord radio show as a DJ hosting the Roach Sunday Show on Sunday nights at 10 PM EST on Canna-Curate Radio come and grow with us and join me for some tunes and some cannabis related talk. It will be a hodgepodge of a show with some talk and a wide range of cannabis related music. So if you don't like what is playing stick around something will come on more to your liking, as I like pretty much all music.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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1.2 :)

1.5g 💚 #roachsunday




2.01 g